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Newspaper history

Timeline created by David and Bryce
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Front small square Very first newspaper Boston, Massachusetts on September 25, 1690 was when the very first newspaper was published.
Defoe small square world%u2019s first journalist Considered the world%u2019s first journalist, Daniel Defoe publishs the Review.
Green small square Connecticuts first Newspaper Was published on the shoreline and was published by the Green family.
Firstnewspaper web small square The First newspaper published in Australia The first newspaper published called the Sydeney Gazzett.
Penny small square the beginning of the penny press The New York Sun newspaper costs one cent.
Images small square First newspaper published in Thailand The first newspaper published in Thailand.
Images small square Sierra Leone prints thier first newspapers First newspaper printed in this country.
Timeline small square worlds first newspaper advertisment space William James Carlton of J. Walter Thompson Company begins selling advertising space in newspapers. The J. Walter Thompson Company is the longist running American advertising agency.
5m article small square newspapers printed in the us Number of newspapers published in the U.S. is 5,091.
Images small square Japans first newspaper First newspaper published in Japan
Csl1824l small square New Yorks first illistrated newspaper First illustrated newspaper published in New York.
Images small square Train Delivering Newspapers are delivered daily by train.
Timeline small square the newspaper and radio industries. American newspapers try to force the Associated Press to terminate news service to radio stations.
Kodakdigitalproductionprinter small square Digital Prodution Newspapers use digital production processes and began using computers for operations.
Images small square Websites facts were found on about.com and pictures were googled n Google.com