The Australian gold rush

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Timeline an unrecorded discovery of gold The first discovery of gold was made in 1823 but Governer Bligh said to keep it secret because the convicts would slit their heads at night because they would want gold
Timeline discovery of gold the discovery of gold made by Edward Hargraves at Ophir. He had help from the Tom brothers and John Lista.
Timeline Ballarat was named the richest goldfields Ballarat was named the richest alliviual goldfields in the world.
Timeline discovery of gold found south east of adelaide discovery of gold made by chapman south east of adelaide.
Timeline Eureka stokade in victoria The Eureka stokade was based on aguments about the licences and the licence fees.
Timeline gold discovered in Tasmania Gold was discovered in the nook at Tasmania.
Timeline small amount of gold found A small amount of gold was discovered at fitzroy river in north QLD.
Timeline lots of diggers moved from Kiandra to m.t kosciuszko 1500 diggers moved from kiandra to mount kosciuszko seeking their fortune
Timeline Lambing flat riots began in NSW The lambing flat riots began in New South Wales.
Timeline first gold discovery in NSW the first gold discovery at Ophir in NSW by edward hargraves
Timeline Diggers offered gold if they found gold The WA government offered a reward to all persons that could find gold.
Timeline a substantial find at Coolgardie a substantial find in Coolgardie started WA's biggest gold rush.
Timeline Gold discovered in Gympie Gold discovered by Nash in Gympie on the Mary river.
Timeline gold discovered at spikes gully Gold was discovered at spikes gully,near the berossa valley by Harris and his party.
Timeline firstgold discoveryin NT fist gold discovery in NT made by GC Mchlachlan.
Timeline gold found at palmer river Gold found by Mulligan in palmer river created a huge ruch to the area.
Timeline gold found in Beaconsfield,Tasmania Gold discovery made by Dally in Beaconsfeld,Tasmania
Timeline gold discovered at lisle Gold discovered by the Bessell brothers at lisle, Tasmania
Timeline gold found in teetupla gold found in teetupla by Brady and Smith
Timeline gold was mined at cobar gold was mined at cobar NSW using the water method.
Timeline gold found at kalgoorie gold was discovered at kalgoorie by Hannan.
Timeline bushrangers became a problem. Bushrangers became a serious problem to and from the goldfields.
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Australian gold rush