The Waves in Time

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Society During this decade newspapers changed to the four-column, tabloid style paper in 1900. Two newspaper magnates, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, turned producing newspapers into a war when they began adding special sections including sports and Joseph PulitzerWilliam Randolph Hearst
Education John Dewey sets up an experimental elementary school. Dewey's Philosophy
Business Morgan consolidates US Steel US Steel
Technology Johan Vaaler, a Norwegian living in Germany, invented the paper clip. paperclip
Technology Hubert Cecil Booth patented the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum Cleaner
Technology The first airplane flight. The Wright brothers’ Flyer I flew for fifty-nine seconds at Kitty Hawk. First flight
Society Leisure time during the first decade of the twentieth century was spent at family get-togethers, baseball, picnics, long Sunday drives in the horse and carriage (or the new family car). In the evenings families gathered around the piano for a sing-along. Leisure Time
Medical The AMA establishes its own Chemical Laboratory to test safety and efficacy of drug products Lab
Education Ivan Pavlov publishes his findings on Classical Conditioning Ivan Pavlov
Business US immigration peaks Immigration
Medical Samuel Hopkins Adams begins series of articles about health quackery and patent medicine fraud in Colliers' Weekly, later published in book form as The Great American Fraud.
Society Women were striving for equality.The first suffrage parade was held in 1910 - the 19th amendment finally ratified in 1919. 19th amendment
Medical Casimir Funk proposes term "vitamine" for substances that prevent deficiency diseases such as scurvy.
Medical American Society for the Control of Cancer, later renamed the American Cancer Society, is founded
Business Ford introduces the assembly line Ford
Business The Federal Reserve is formed Federal Reserve
Education John B. Watson launches the behaviorist revolution John Watson
Society "Made in America" fad began. All over the world people danced to our music, wore our clothes, and watched our movies. Popular culture was born. Made in America
Business Carrier Engineering is founded, beginning the comercialization of air conditioning Carrier
Technology The neon tube sign was patented by George Claude. Neon Sign
Education William Heard Kilpatrick develops the Project Method Kirkpatrick
Technology Gideon Sundback, Swedish-born engineer, patented an all-purpose zipper while working for the Automatic Hook and Eye Co. of Hoboken, New Jersey. The zipper name was coined by B.F. Goodrich in 1923, who used it to fasten rubber galoshes. Zipper
Education 1920s Carleton Washburne (Winnetka Plan) pre-specified learning outcomes, self-pacing, mastery learning (Individualized Instruction) Washburne
Society This was a period of prohibition and intolerance, speakeasies, flappers, gangsters, and crime. Hootch was supplied by Dutch Schultz and Al Capone. Roaring 20s
Medical Elmer V. McCollum and associates identify Vitamin D.
Business New York's WEAF broadcasts the first radio ad Radio
Technology Garrett Morgan invented and patented a traffic signal. Garrett Morgan
Education Sidney Pressey invents testing and teaching machine Pressey
Society Scopes Monkey Trial Scopes Monkey Trial
Technology Philo Farnsworth demonstrated a working prototype of a TV. AT&T Bell Labs scientists invented long-distance TV transmission. An audience in New York saw an image of Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover in the first successful long-distance demonstration of t Farnsworth
Business The Great Crash of 1929 Great Crash
Society By the 1930s money was scarce because of the depression, so people did what they could to make their lives happy. Movies were hot, parlor games and board games were popular. People gathered around radios to listen to the Yankees. Depression
Education Ralph W. Tyler - Eight Year Study use of general and behavioral objectives and formative evaluation Ralph W. Tyler
Medical Gerhard Domagk discovers Protonsil, the first sulfa drug, and uses it to treat infections caused by streptococcus
Technology AC Hardy patented the spectrophotometer. Spectrophotometer
Business United Auto Workers stage their first sit down strikes UAW
Business Keynes publishes The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money Keynes
Medical National Cancer Institute is founded Cancer
Technology Chester Carlson and Otto Kornei performed the 1st successful test of their photocopier at Astoria, Queens, NYC. They used powdered ink and an electrical charge to create the first photocopy. The reproduced page said: "10-28-38 Astoria." Photocopier
Society Radio reached its zenith of popularity in this decade.By 1939 about 80 percent of the population owned radio sets. Comedy, news and soap operas were popular shows on the radio Fireside Chats
Education Regular scheduled television broadcasting begins in the U.S Broadcasting
Society The years between 1939 - 1945 were dominated by World War II. European artists and intellectuals fled to the United States from Hitler and the Holocaust, bringing new ideas created in disillusionment. War production pulled us out of the Great Depression. WWII
Business Kaiser's World War II shipyards surpass all expectations of production Shipyards
Society Working mothers, combined with another new phenomenon, the refrigerator, led to the invention of frozen dinners TV Dinner
Medical Selman Waksman discovers streptomycin, antibiotic effective against TB.
Technology The microwave oven was patented. Percy Spencer accidentally discovered that microwaves would also heat food. Microwave
Education Edgar Dale developed the Cone of Experience Cone of Experience
Business Three Bell Labs scientists invent the transistor transistor
Medical Parke-Davis announces discovery of antibiotic Chloromycetin.
Technology The 1st Polaroid camera was sold in US. Polaroid
Education Ralph Tyler publishes Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction resulting in the emergence of the role of instructional technologist and instructional design team Ralph Tyler
Society The first intercontinental television transmission is a speech by Pres. Truman Television
Medical Boston cardiologist Paul M. Zoll develops external cardiac pacemaker
Medical Dr. Jonas Salk successfully tests a polio vaccine
Education B. F. Skinner publishes The Science of Learning and the Art of Teaching. B. F. Skinner demonstrates at the University of Pittsburgh a machine designed to teach arithmetic, using an instructional program BF Skinner
Society Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama Rosa Parks
Technology Ampex Corporation demonstrated its first commercial videotape recorder. VCR
Business Eisenhower creates the interstate Interstates
Business The first Japanese car, a Toyota, is sold in the US Toyota
Education The Soviet launch of Sputnik initiated federal funds toeducation in math and science Sputnik
Business Bank of America launches the first credit card Credit Card
Technology Integrated Circuit is patented by Texas Instruments Integrated Circuit
Society In 1960, Elvis returned to the music scene from the US Army, Motown came on the scene, Woodstock started the folk music run, the Beach Boys and the Beatles had their own sound sixties radio
Society Barbie dolls, introduced by Mattel in 1959, became a huge success in the sixties, so much so that rival toy manufacturer Hasbro came up with G. I. Joe, 12 inches tall and the first action figure for boys Barbie
Technology The 1st patent for lasers was granted to Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes. Schawlow and Townes developed their laser, light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, while working at Bell labs in 1958. [Laser](
Business Kroc buys McDonalds McDonalds
Business The first Wal-Mart opens Wal-Mart
Education Robert Mager publishes his book, “Preparing Instructional Objectives” in 1962. This book helped popularize the use of performance objectives by educators and others. Robert Mager
Business Equal pay for equal work is passed Equality
Medical U.S. Surgeon General's Report on Smoking argues that smoking is a major health risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and emphysema
Medical U.S. Congress passes legislation creating Medicare and Medicaid.
Technology Hewlett-Packard introduced its first computer, the HP 2116A. The 9,000 person company had sales of around $200 million. Hewlett-Packard
Education First broadcast of Sesame Street Seasame Street
Technology The first Internet message was a packet switch delivered to UCLA from BBN Corp. (Bolt Beranek and Newman). The 1st 2 machines of ARPANET were connected at Prof. Len Kleinrock's lab at UCLA. Internet
Education 1970s Graduate Education programs focusing on instructional systems design grew Graduate School
Medical U.S. Congress bans cigarette advertising on television and radio (to take effect in 1971) and requires stronger health warning on cigarettes.
Society First "Earth Day" celebrated as environmental movement launched Earth Day
Business Intel invents the single chip microprocessor Intel
Technology Intel Corp. created the first microprocessor. The 4004, the world's first microprocessor, is signed with the initials F.F., for Federico Faggin, its designer. The 4004 was released in 16-pin CERDIP packaging on November 15, 1971. [microprocessor](
Medical Food and Drug Administration begins requiring new food labeling that specifies full listing of all ingredients in each product
Education Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak design the Apple IComputer Apple Computer
Business Toys R Us revives employee stock options Toys R Us
Technology The Bahrain Telephone Company began operating a commercial cellular telephone system. It probably marks the first time in the world that individuals started using what we think of as traditional, mobile cellular radio Cell Phones
Society Women surpassed men in college enrollment in 1979. However, the rising divorce rate left an increasing number of women as sole breadwinners and forced more and more of them into poverty. Women
Medical Food and Drug Administration begins to expand provision of patient package inserts for prescription drugs.
Business Reagan is elected Reagan
Society Food of the 80s included the popular fast food places like Taco Bell and McDonald's McDLT and McRib. fast food
Society Families changed drastically during these years. The 80s continued the trends of the 60s and 70s - more divorces, more unmarrieds living together, more single parent families. The two-earner family was even more common than in previous decades, more wom 80s families
Medical U.S. Congress passes Infant Formula Act, which requires minimum amounts of essential nutrients in commercially prepared baby foods.
Business The current bull market begins Market
Education Howard Gardner publishes Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Gardner
Education Apple Macintosh computer introduced. Growth of users of microcomputers/personal computers as well as computer-based instruction [Apple Computer](<a href='' >Apple History</a>
Technology Apple Computer Inc. unveiled its Macintosh personal computer. It included sound-sampling technology that could play recorded sounds. Macintosh
Technology South Carolina-based 3D Systems introduced the first commercially available 3-D printer, pioneering the development of stereolithography 3-D
Medical U.S. Congress passes Nutrition Labeling and Education Act requiring standardized listing of ingredients and serving sizes on food products.
Society In the 1990's the United States played the role of world policeman, sometimes alone but more often in alliances The decade was to end much as it began with U.S. forces deployed in many countries, and the U.S. playing arbitrator, enforcer, and peace keeper US Military
Society Dress down Fridays became commonplace and gradually developed into a more casual work dress code altogether, with 53% of companies allowing casual dress in 1998, up from 7 % in 1992. Khaki pants and polo shirts or denim shirts were the work-place norm. Casual Friday
Education 1990s Constructivist Theory spreads Constructivist Theory
Technology Intel introduced its Pentium processor (80586): 64 bits-60 MHz-100+ MIPS. [Pentium](
Business Lou Gerstner turns IBM around Lou Gerstner
Education Bernie Dodge and Tom March developed Webquest Bernie Dodge
Business AOL goes to flat rate pricing AOL
Medical FDA loosens restrictions on direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs
Technology The first (digital video disk) DVD players came on the market. [DVDs](
Business is available in 26 languages Google
Technology Apple introduced the iPod, a breakthrough MP3 music player that packs up to 1,000 CD-quality songs into an ultra-portable, 6.5 ounce design that fits in your pocket, at a cost of $399. [iPod](
Medical May 19, 2002—Researchers from NCI reported that the molecularly targeted drug bevacizumab slowed tumor growth in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma, the most common form of kidney cancer in adults.
Medical The volume of complaints about deceptive advertising becomes so heavy that the Federal Trade Commission sets up a separate Board of Investigation to oversee their disposition
Business Google's initial public offering of 19,605,052 shares of Class A common stock takes place on Wall Street on Aughts 18. Opening price: $85 per share Stock
Society In a continuing shift of the retail industry to new platforms, the one billionth song is downloaded from the internet music store, Apple iTunes. This shift comes at the expense of many brick and mortar chains, including Tower Records. itunes
Technology Hitachi announced the 1st 1-terrabyte hard drive, eclipsing Seagate’s 750 gigabyte drives Hitachi
Medical The Cancer Genome Atlas Reports First Results of Comprehensive Study of Brain Tumors—This large-scale, comprehensive study examines the most common form of brain cancer, glioblastoma.
Society November 4, 2008 - Barack Obama, Democratic Senator from Illinois, the land of Abraham Lincoln, wins a landslide margin in the Electoral College, 365 to 173 in the election for the 44th President of the USA over John McCain, making him the first African-A [Obama](
Education ADDIE Model of Intructional Technology/ Rapid Prototyping is introduced Rapid Prototyping
Education iPad introduced iPad
Timespan Dates: Timespan Title: Timespan Description:

Wave 1 Agricultural Wave Lived with extended family or nearby
Large families were needed to work the land
Stayed in the same general area due to ties to the soil
More about Wave 1

Wave 2 Industrial Age Families separated to work in towns and factories
Shift to nuclear family from extended family
After WWII, priority shifted from productivity to knowledge and information
People were working out of the home in factories
Wave 2

Wave 3 Information Age Families become single parent, childless, children of divorce, blended family, dual paycheck families
Several levels of productivity
Shift focus to teamwork and skills development
Shift to casual Fridays, flexible schedules, and working from home
Wave 3

Wave 4 Communication Age Widespread use of the internet for personal and business communication
Sophisticated communication tools: cell phones, email, texting, teleconferencing, Skype, podcasts....