France in World War II

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Britain declares war France officially declares war on Germany Although France and Great Britain offered Germany an ultimatum, remove German troops from Poland or else the two democratic forces would go to war with Germany, the Nazi government refused. World War II began. Timeline leading up to beginning of World War II
Timeline German Invasion Germany invaded Northern France. The invasion left France split in two, with Germany controlling the North and Free France in the South. Timeline leading up to German invasion of France
Dunkirk Dunkirk Evacuation Around 340,000 French and British troops were evacuated from the beach of Dunkirk More information on Dunkirk
Timeline French Navy based in Toulon carried out offensive operation against italian targets along the ligurian coast
Timeline France officially surrenders to invading German Forces
Mers el kebir Destruction of Mers-el-Kebir After the Fall of France, Allies order the destruction of the ship Mers-el-Kebir to prevent it from falling into German possession.
Timeline Laval meets Hitler
Timeline Invasion of Syria and Lebanon Allies invade Vichy French-controlled Syria and Lebanon
Lebabon Battle of the Litani River The Syria-Lebanon campaign begins. Allies prevent Gernmany from using the Vichy French-controlled Mandate of Syria and Mandate of Lebanon to use as launchpoins for attacks on the Allied stronghold of Egypt
Barbarossa Operation Barbarossa Hitler invades USSR at an attempt to capture oil lines. Details on Operation Barbarossa
Timeline Vichy France signs armistice Vichy France signs armistice terms ending all fighting in Syria and Lebanon
Timeline Lend-Lease to France United States of America grants Lend-Lease resources to Free France.
Timeline British Commandos raid St Nazaire St. Nazaire is located at the coast of western France. It was a key port during WWII, it acted as a transfer point for British troops.
250px  1 Battle of Madagascar begins ports were of strategic value, allied and japanese forces faught to maintain control until november 6, 1942. Allied victory
Canadian soldiers dieppe Allied Dieppe Raid A failed Allied attempt to capture the port and German intelligence. Allies were forced to retreat. More information on Dieppe
Timeline Battle of Marseille German forces, accompanied by Vichy-French police, round up thousands of Jews to be shipped to nearby concentration camps
Al hasani nakkash 1941 Lebanon Independence Lebanon becomes independent from France
D day D-Day British and American troops land on beaches of Normandy in France
Timeline Allies land in southern France
Timeline Allies arrive in Paris
240px mussolini ggbain Mussolini dies During a desperate escape to Switzerland, Benito Mussolini was captured and executed. His lifeless body was then hung at a gas station where it was subjected to further public beatings. Biography of Benito Mussolini
Adolf hitler Hitler dies It is widely believed that the Nazi leader poisoned and shot himself to end his own life. Details on Hitler
Pierre laval 1 Laval interned Spanish government hand Pierre Laval over to France Online book on the trial against Pierre Laval
Timeline Execution of Laval Laval is found guilty for treason and violating state security and is sentenced to be executed by firing squad
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Battle and evacuation of Dunkirk

Pierre Laval government

Pierre-Étienne Flandin government

Francois Darlan government

Laval government