My Classroom Technology Progress

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  • Education CIty

    Education CIty
    Education City My coworkers and I wrote a grant for K-2 access to Education City. We recieved that grant.
  • Folklore Lesson

    The children wrote folklore. The children used a word processor to "publish" their work. The other first grade teachers said it seemed crazy to send these kids down to the computer lab to type out their work but they did fantastic!
  • Teachers Pay Teachers

    Teachers Pay Teachers
    Teachers Pay Teachers Hello, Teachers Pay Teachers. I got a membership to the site and have been using it to support my teaching ever since.
  • First Digital Story!

    First Digital Story!
    Digital Story My students and I used Little Bird Tales to create a whole class digital story (a book written for my son Easton). It was our first attempt at a digital story in response to a CEP course.
  • First Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

    First Teachers Pay Teachers Sale
    My TpT Store After putting a few things on TpT, I made my first sale for my Weather Centers
  • STAIR Project

    STAIR Project For a course, I created a stand alone project for my class to use to teach addition strategies. My students responded well to it and I would like to do it again.
  • Purchased 5 Talk Points

    Purchased 5 Talk Points
    Purchased from Learning Resources
    I bought these for my classroom. Since purchasing them, I have used them a few ways. Many of my students need repeated instructions for activities, such as ELA and Math Centers. These provide a great way for these non-reading kids to access directions (and saves my voice). I have also used them in math with story problems. (think "Write the Room" but with story problems.
  • YouTube Dance Party

    YouTube Dance Party
    Kids Dance Playlist
    Using videos from Just Dance for Kids, which were uploaded to Youtube, I replaced the chaos of indoor recess with a YouTube Dance Party. Using ad blocker with Google Chrome has removed all commericials and ads
  • Purchased Easi-Speak

    Purchased Easi-Speak
    Easi-Speak I purchased Easi-Speak for my classroom. I thought it would be an easier way for the kids to add audio to digital stories. I also like to with Daily 5 and even creating newsletter podcasts.
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    My First Grade Technology Progress!

    I've taught for three years, but this is my second year in first grade. I have always had a goal to bring technology into my classroom. Sometimes it is tough to see if I am making any progress toward my individual goals of using technology in my classroom. This timeline is being made to see if I am indeed making adequate progress.