Wilma Rudolph

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  • Birthday

    She was born in Clarksville, Tennesse along with 21 other silblings. Wilma was also born prematurely.
  • Has Polio

    Has Polio
    Polio is a disease that makes people with it crippled and they can no longer walk. Wilma's mother did everything that she could so that Wilma could walk someday, but they were poor and all their doctors said that she would not be able to walk. At least four times a day she had to get her legs massaged and she went to therapy.
  • Cobb Elementary

    Cobb Elementary
    When she was seven years old, she started attending at Cobb Elementary school after being home-schooled up until then.
  • Can walk with a leg brace

    When Wilma was eight years old she could finally walk with a leg brace and a special shoe. Though, later on, her mother found out that she could play basketball without her specially designed shoes on.
  • First Spotted

    First Spotted
    Ed Temple first spotted Wilma at her basketball game in her sophmore year. Although Wilma had tons of talent for basketball the coach never put her in before her sophmore year. Ed Temple was the Tennesse track coach and because Burt High School didn't have funding for a track team, he invited her to compete in meets with them.
  • Went to her first Olympic

    Went to her first Olympic
    She was only sixteen and won a bronze in the 4X400 Relay
  • Tennesse State University

    Wilma attends Tennesse State University after being at numerous practices.
  • Rome Olympics

    Rome Olympics
    Wilma had once again qualified for the olympics in 1959, although the olympics were in 1960. There she made the world record for the 200-meter relay. She came back with two gold medals, actually, 100-meter relay and of course the 200-meter relay. Wilma had also set a record for the U.S., most medals for an american women in one olympic.
  • Athlete of the year

    She was named the United Press Athlete of the year and the AP Women Athlete of the year
  • Retired

    Wilma Rudolph decides to retire from running, but still attended track meets to support other runners. She was only 22 years old. Wilma decided to end her career with the 1960 Olympics.
  • Goodwill Ambassador

    She was selected to be the Goodwill ambassador for the Games of Friendship. It was held in Dakar, Senegal. Although later in the year she even got chosen to be in the Baptist Christian Athletes in Japan.
  • Black Athletes Hall of Fame

    Black Athletes Hall of Fame
    Wilma was abducted into the Black Athletes Hall of Fame.
  • National Track and Field

    National Track and Field
    This year Wilma Rudolph was abducted into the National Track and Field Hall of Fame.
  • Autobiography

    Wilma published her own autobiography
  • Movie

    After all the honors she got, NBC decided to make a movie on her life based on her autobiography.
  • Wilma Rudolph Foundation

    The Wilma Rudolph foundation is a non-profit organization to help young athletes who can't afford it
  • Inspiration

    Florence Griffith Joyner was inspired by Wilma and the next american women to win three gold medals in one olympics. Wilma was also happy to see her run because it made her feel like she was running too.
  • Wilma's death

    Wilma died in her home in Nashville, Tennesse from brain cancer at 54.
  • Postage stamp

    Postage stamp
    The U.S. Postal service honored Wilma by putting my picture on a 23 cent stamp
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