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Colonization and Conquest in Malaysia

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Large flag of portugal small square 24th Aug, 1511 Portuguese Colonization of Malaysia (1511-1641) -The first attack by the Portuguese on Malacca, led by Alfonso de Albuquerque, on the 25th of July 1511 failed. Despite being advised against it Albuquerque launched a second attack upon Malacca in August, this time prevailing.
Dutch flag small square Dutch Colonization of Malaysia (1641-1824) -Although the Dutch lost the battle the Portuguese suffered far worse casualties. -On the 14th of January 1641 The Dutch and its allied forces assaulted the Portuguese prising Malacca from their grip and effectively destroying the last of Portuguese power in the Malay region.
English 20flag small square British Colonization of Malaysia (1824-1942)
Japan flag small square Japanese Colonization of Japan (1942-1945)
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1st Jan, 1511
Times of Malaysian Colonization