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Hitler's rise to power: focus 1929-1934

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Timeline small square Party Founded Policies remained pretty consistent:
- Revision of TofV.
-Greater Germany
- Lebensraum
-Focus on small traders
- Anti-Semitic
Timeline small square Renamed to NSDAP -The Sturmabteilung (SA) formalises links with the Party
-Paramilitary led by Rõhm to attack communists
Timeline small square Beer Hall Putsch
Timeline small square Hitler is imprisoned -Hitler writes Mein Kampf
Timeline small square Released from Prison
Timeline small square Hitler reorganises the Party -Autocratic and cenrtalised
-Detailed membership lists
-Hitler Youth
Timeline small square German elections -Nazi's win 2.6% of the vote
-12 seats
Timeline small square Creation of Nazi Professional Bodies -Jurists
Timeline small square vote against the Young Plan -In doing so he leaves a lasting impression on the country with rallies of over 200,000 people at Nuremburg
-During this year the Party polled more than 11.3% in local elections
Timeline small square Bruning becoming Chancellor -Hindenburg appoints Bruning to extend his influence over the government.
-Bruning fails to introduce his Finance Bill, it is eventually passed by Presidential decree using article 48.
-Undermines democracy and opposition groups bring down the government.
-Elections on this date lead to Nazi's winning 18% of the vote and 107 seats.
-Article 48 used again to pass finance bill
-Nazi's gain 100,000 new members during the year.
Timeline small square German banks close for 3 weeks -Economic crisis deepens, after the collapse of a bank, no banks are open for three weeks.
-Unemployment hits 4.8 million, highest in the Western World
-Nazi's begin to average 40% of the vote in local elections.
Timeline small square Hindenburg returned to office as President -Hindenburg wins re-election, although is increasingly suffering from senility.
- Hitler receives 36.8% of the vote.
-Bruning and his interior minister General Grôner ban the SA for street violence using article 48.
-Hitler with help from General Von Schleicher a respected general brings down the government.
Timeline small square Bruning resigns -Bruning is forced to resign.
-Hindenburg appoints Von Papen from the Centre Party as Chancellor.
-Von Schleicher still has ambitions to be Chancellor.
-SA ban lifted
Timeline small square Prussian Government overthrown -100 die in street violence perpetrated by the SA in the build up to elections.
Prussian SPD government is forcefully removed by Von Papen.
SPD and KPD are too split to fight back.
Timeline small square Elections see the NAzi Party become the largest Party -38% of the vote
-270 seats
Timeline small square Von Papen loses support in the Reichstag -Von Papen's government proves disfunctional when he is unable to win the support of Hitler's Party.
-New elections called.
Timeline small square Elections see little change
Timeline small square Von Schleicher becomes Chancellor -Hindenburg fires Papen and installs Von Schleicher.
-Schleicher tries to bring in leading Nazi figures such as Strasser.
-Hitler is very angry.
Timeline small square Hitler becomes Chancellor -Papen wants to be back in control. Persuades Hindenburg he can control Hitler.
-Hindenburg changes his mind when letters from Schacht and leading industrialists arrive at his office.
-Gôring become leader in Prussia.
Timeline small square Reichstag fire -Bizarre event, which some think was orchestrated by Nazi's
-Led to arrest of political opponents and the banning of the KPD
-Civil liberties suspended
-SA incorporated into the police forces to maintain order in the run up to the elections.
Timeline small square German elections leading to the Enabling Act -Hitler wins 43.9% of the vote
-Coalition with the DNVP gives him a majority.
-Communists received 4.8 million votes
-Enabling Act gave Hitler dictatorial powers, he no longer needed to consult with the Reichstag for 4 years.
-Needed 2/3 support to change the constitution, received it from Centre Party because.
-Von Papen support
-Allowed for tolerance towards Catholic education
- Fear of the SA
Voted by 441 to 94
Timeline small square All local governments from state level down given Nazi approved leaders. Civil Service made loyal by banning Jews and members of opposing political parties
Timeline small square Trade Unions banned
Timeline small square SPD banned DNP, DNVP and DVP disbanded, Centre Party a month later.
Timeline small square Law against the formation of Parties
Timeline small square Night of the long Knives -Problems with the SA threatening a revolution against Hitler's perceived deals with the establishment led Hitler to sanction Himmler and his SS to murder the leadership of the SA and his political opponents within his Party.
-Von Schleicher
Timeline small square Law passed to absolve Hitler of previous months events.
Timeline small square Hindenburg dies -Hitler declares himself Fûhrer.
-Oath of loyalty to Hitler made by the armed forces
-Referendum sees this act confirmed with 89.3% of the vote in favour.
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Hitler's rise to power.