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Rubber trees small square (5) the Putumayo Affair lasted from 1900-1911 Read about the Putumayo Affair
Dollar sign 2 small square (4) Teacher's Salary $325 Annually From 1900-1909 The average teacher's salary in America was $325 per year.
Twisted housegalveston hurricane1900 small square (6) Galveston, Texas Hurricane Read about the Galveston, Texas Hurricane of 1900 (before Hurricane's were named)
Us steel small square US Steel--the worlds first billion dollar corporation Read about the history of US Steel
Reception transatlantic radio signals 1901 small square First radio signals received Read about the first reception of transatlantic radio signals!
Mt. pelee 1902 small square (6) Mt. Pelee Volcanic Eruption Read about the current mountain as well as the eruption of 1902, whick killed 40,000 people
John dewey small square (4) John Dewey's book "The Child and the Curriculum" Link to a digital copy of the actual text.
Web dubois the souls of black folk small square (5) Book by W.E.B. Dubois "The Souls of Black Folk" An google digital copy of the text
Wright brothers small square (2) The Wright Flyer is the First Successful Airplane A timeline of flight
Standard oil small square (3) Standard Oil Company Read Ida Tarbell's report on the Standard Oil Company
Mary mcleod bethune small square (4) The First Negro Girl's School is established by Mary Mcleod Bethune Explore what is now known as Bethune-Cookman University
E mc small square (2) Einstein and E=mc^2 Read all about Albert Einstein
Snyder  oklahoma tornado 1905 small square (6) Snyder, Oklahoma Tornado Read actual transcripts from the day that claimed 112 lives.
Food and drug act 1906 small square Food and Drug Act A link to the FDA website and the "Wiley Act" details
Maria montessori small square (4) Maria Montessori Link in to the American Montessori Society--Still alive and kicking!
Model t small square (2) Henry Ford introduces the Model T Read a first person perspective on the introduction of the Model T Ford
Messina tsunami 1908 small square (6) Southern Italy Tsunami Read about an earthquake that led to one of the deadliest tsunamis in history. 123,000 estimated deaths.
Silakhor earthquake 1909 small square (6) Silakhor Earthquake Read about this earthquake that caused 8,000 deaths.
Naacp logo small square (5) Founding of NAACP The Nation's oldest grassroots organization is still making a difference today
Indianola junior high school small square (4) Indianola Junior High School in Columbus OH Read about the United States first Junior High School
No books small square (4) 24% of adult Americans have fewer than 5 years of schooling Unschooling FAQ's
American tobacco co. small square (3) American Tobacco Company Read about the American Tobacco case of 1911
Wellington avalanche small square (6) The Wellington WA avalanche kills 96 people read details of the disaster
Kappa alpha psi small square (4) Kappa Alpha Psi Black Greek Fraternity established The Official website's history portion
Triangle shirtwaist factory fire small square (3) Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire leads to improved working conditions for women A summary of the tragic event. 146 workers die.
Child labor small square (3) Minimum age laws passed Links to several other related topics
Girl scouts small square (5) Girl Scouts established Official WebSite
Assembly line small square (3) Moving Assembly Line transforms industry PBS describes the starts of the assembly line
Ww1 small square (5) WWI begins and lasts until 1918 index to several WWI specific sites
John dewey small square (4) John Dewey's "Democracy and Education" published Read about his educational philosophies
Spanish flu small square (6) The Spanish Flu claims the lives of more than 50 million worldwide the CDC informs on the spanish flu and H1N1
Puerto rico earthquake 1918 small square (6) Puerto Rico earthquake and resulting Tsunami kill 116 Read details of the devastating earthquake
Shortwave radio small square (2) Shortwave Radio invented A site committed to shortwave radio information
Flip flop circuit small square (2) The flip-flop circuit is invented. wil help computers count. (2) If you REALLY want to know all about the flip flop circuit, click here!
Phonofilm small square (2) Phonofilms patented This link has an exhaustive list of phonofilms
19th amendment stamp small square (5) Women gain the right to vote the 19th amendment
Visual education small square (2) "Visual Education" is published by U. of Chicago Press Link to a recent visual ed blog
Credit card small square (3) American consumer buys on credit or installments Interesting historical interpretation of buying on credit
Dollar sign 2 small square (4) Teachers Salary $970
Prohibition small square (5) Prohibition Read why the U.S. decided to go "dry".
Wdztower2 small square (2) First Radio station in Illinois WDZ, one of the first radio stations was to share crop reports
Japan earthquake 1923 small square (6) Earthquake in Japan leaves 143,000 dead A pictoral overview of the destruction
Al capone small square (3) Al Capone rises in infamy during Prohibition The life of Al Capone
Great migration small square (5) Great Migration of Blacks from south to urban centers in north Excellent website about many different Black migrations
The great gatsby small square (5) The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is published Read quotes from the American Classic book
Child labor small square (4) Children must finish elementary school before working Child Labor and links to other child issues
China earthquake 1927 small square (6) China earthquake 200,000 dead Read summary of devastation
Kodak small square (2) Eastman Kodak Co. produced first educational silent films (3) Link to the history of Kodak
School day small square (4) School year increased from 6 months to 8 months What are the advantages of year-round schooling?
Black thursday small square (3) Stock Market Crash starts depression [Read NY Times article from Black Thursday (pdf file)](graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/.../black-thursday-10-24-1929.pdf)
Dollar sign 2 small square (3) 513 individuals file as millionaires on their tax returns The Billionaires of Today
Phone1 small square (2) Telephone service from U.S. to S. America
Drought 1930s small square (6) The Droughts of the 1930s Details about the Dust Bowls and real dry times in America..
Dick and jane small square (4) Dick and Jane books and primers first published Would you like to buy classic Dick and Jane? The prices are in the hundreds!
China flood 1931 small square (6) The 1931 Flood in China kills over 3.5 million people History.com details the devastation
Paramount theatre small square (5) Paramount Theatre opens on the heels of the depression Here is the History of Oakland, CA's Paramount Theatre
Gm small square (3) 15,000 begin 5-day work week at GM Explore GM History
Beer small square (5) Prohibition ends, beer sales predicted to boost economy Read excerpts from an old newspaper about it...
India earthquake small square (6) India earthquake over 10,000 dead This website is a technological approach to "solving" our issues with Mother Nature
Hoover dam small square (2) Generators at the Hoover Dam transmit electricity used in Los Angeles Agriculture, Industry, and Information meet at the Innovation, Creation, and Running of the Hoover Dam
Wagner act small square (3) The Wagner Act protects workers right to unionization Extra!Extra! Read all about it! The Wagner Act that is...
Social security card small square (3) Social Security established Got some free time? Read the entire Social Security Act of 1935
Fdr fireside chat small square (5) FDR defeats Landon in landslide victory Watch a Fireside Chat!
Murray vs. maryland small square (4) Case leads to first Black graduate of University of Marland's Law School Read from the Maryland Archives on the case
One room schoolhouse small square (4) One room schoolhouses Read about schooling from an Arkansas point of view during the depression
Illinois basinwells small square (2) Oil discovered in Illinois Read current info about Illinois basin
Minimum wage small square (3) Minimum wage is $.43 per hour Has a chart of minimum wage from 1938 to present
Unemployment small square (3) Unemployment was at 8,120,000 people unemployed read about unemployment insurance
Dollar sign 2 small square (4) Teacher Salary $1,441
Census small square (5) US Census reports 131,669,275 people I sure hope you aren't reading this and thinking "Oooh, I need to send that back!"
Ibm small square (2) IBM reports a gross income of $45 million; 12 thousand employess The Official Website
Wages and hours act small square (3) The 40 hour work week goes into effect as scheduled Details of the Act
Attack on pearl harbor small square (5) The attack on pearl harbor prompts US to enter WWII Official website
Gi bill small square (4) GI Bill of Right signed by president Soldiers are given funds to attend college
Eniac small square (3) The first digital computer, weighs 30 tons and is 2 stories high The ENIAC story
Microwave small square (2) Microwave oven invented by Percy Spencer Learn about the "accidental" discovery that changed our world
Dr. spock small square (4) Dr. Spock's "Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care" published Read all about the man, not from Star Trek as I once thought
Glazier texas tornado small square (6) Glazier, TX tornado kills 181 eyewitness accounts
Executive order 9981 small square (5) Executive order 9981 ends segregation in the military President decides to integrate military forces
Landslide small square (6) Soviet Union landslide 12,000 dead Its a blog, so don't site it!
Guatemala flood small square (6) Flood in Guatemala claims 40,000 lives
Life expectancy small square (5) life expectancy of men 65.6 of women 71.1 From the Dept. of Human Health Services..Life Expectancy
Bomb shelter small square (5) Bomb shelter plans are in the government pamphlet "You can survive" Modern day information about being safe from current threats of nuclear war.
Bing crosby small square (2) Bing Crosby's company tests videotape recording Bing Crosby's official website..nice music.
Robert hutchins small square (4) The Conflict of Education by Robert Hutchins is published
North sea flood 1953 small square (6) North Sea Flood 1835 dead Details of the disaster are detailed here.
Old tv small square (2) In U.S. Television revenue surpasses radio revenue TV History...
Brown vs. board small square (4) Brown vs. Board of Education-separate is not equal. Integration of schools Resource page for related information
Why johnny cant read small square (4) "Why Johnny Can't Read" by Rudolph Flesch published A tribute to Rudolph Flesch, and much more!
Strike small square (3) Massachusetts textile workers strike for a nickel raise, and get it.
Hurricane diane small square (6) Hurricane Diane 200 dead Watch video footage of the disaster.
Rosa parks small square (5) Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on the bus Read Rosa Parks' Story.
Afl cio small square (3) AFL and CIO merger Read about the merger
Fortran small square (2) FORTRAN becomes the first high-level computer programming language Still in existence today..
Landrum griffin act small square (3) Landrum-Griffin Act prevent racketeering Read all about this labor relations act.
Typhoon vera small square (6) Typhoon Vera claims 5098 lives Typhoons are hurricanes around Asia
Laser small square (2) Theodore Maiman invents ruby laser Four different people get credit for the invention of the laser
Minimum wage small square (3) Minimum Wage is $1.00
Dollar sign 2 small square (4) Teachers's Salary $5,174 annual
College dorms small square (4) College dorms form as 850,000 baby boomers enter college Read about college dorms of the 1960s
Phonics small square (4) Phonics makes a comeback The oldest argument of the world
Jfk and mlk small square (5) Assasinations of JFK, MLK, Robert Kennedy, and Malcolm X A link to a book that discusses all the assassinations
Valdivian earthquake small square (6) Valdivia, Chile has strongest earthquake in world history Read about the city of Valdivia, Chile
Flintstones small square (2) The Flintstones air on T.V. and give way to Barney and Dora Go ahead, take a break and watch a more current episode..
John glenn small square (2) John Glenn is first American to orbit earth A website commemorating John Glenn and his wife
Ny paper strike small square (3) NY city newspaper strike ended All about the NY newspaper and its history
Equal pay for equal work small square (3) Congress passes law that declares equal pay for equal work The document mandating equal pay for equal work
Watts riots small square (5) The Watts Riots begin and last for 4 days Watch a news reel from the watts riots
Cuyahoga river fire small square (6) Cuyahoga River catches fire Connect to Ohio History Central
Woodstock small square (5) Woodstock begins: 3 days of Peace and Music A blog on Woodstock
Hurricane camille small square (6) Hurricane Camille is a Category 5 storm Image gallery of Hurricane Camille's impact
Floppy disk small small square (2) The 8-inch floppy disc is introduced The floppy disc of old, how is it used now?
Fiber optics small square (2) Telephone uses fiber optics, and you thought we weren't patient then... Learn about fiber optics, past, present, and future
Unemployment small square (3) 4,088,000 people unemployed in 1970. Link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Kent state shootings small square (4) Kent State Shootings--protesting on campus leads to national guard killing four students CNN reflects on the events of the day
United farm workers small square (3) United Farm Workers grape growers sign first union contract UFW official web page
Saffir simpson hurricane scale small square (6) The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane scale is developed We cannot control hurricanes, but we can measure them...
Fujita tornado scale small square (5) The Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale is developed Again, we cannot control the weather, but we can measure it.
Swann bussing small square (4) Mandatory bussing forces integration Resource page and quick info about the case
Intel2 small square (2) Intel microprocessor introduced Todays intel website has links to its history
Watergate small square (5) Five men arrested trying to bug the Democratic Nat'l Convention at Watergate Hotel A brief timeline of the events surrounding the scandal
Roe v wade small square (5) Roe v Wade legalizes abortion A non-biased review of the case
Vietnam small square (5) Last two Americans killed in helicopter crash leaving Vietnam War Extensive timeline on Vietnam War...
Handicapped education small square (4) All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 Read President Ford's response after signing the act...
Affirmative action small square (3) Bakke versus California Affirmative Action working against the majority The origins of Affirmative Action
Minimum wage small square (3) Minimum wage is $3.10
Ucla small square (4) UCLA study by ACE reports students more interested in power and status than ever before American Council on Education homepage
Exams small square (4) Both exit exams and teacher exams were birthed in this decade The homepage for the teacher's exams.
El nino small square (6) El Nino is on the scene in the early '80s Read how El Nino is used and/or abused
Mt st helens eruption small square (6) Mt. St. Helen's erupts killing 57 people Read about this most studied eruption
86 challenger explodes small square (2) The space shuttle Challenger explodes Watch coverage of the space shuttle disaster
Sandra day o connor small square (5) Sandra Day O'Conner named first female to Supreme Court Read her bio in a woman's hall of fame website
Solidarity day small square (3) Solidarity Day Read about Solidarity Day on the labor notes website
Just say no small square (5) Nancy Reagan campaigns a war against drugs with the slogan "Just Say NO!" Watch Nancy Reagan promoted by Major League Baseball. She throws the first pitch!
Pc small square (2) Time names the personal computer its "Man of the Year (1982)" Read why the PC received the "Man of the Year" award
Columbia university small square (4) Columbia University accepts women Read the Time magazine article addressing this historic event
Rock hudson small square (5) Rock Hudson dies from AIDS, bringing awareness to the disease Read Rock Hudson's Bio..
United airlines small square (3) United Airlines loses lawsuit to 475 flight attendants who were fired for getting married. If you're interested, read up on United Airlines' history..
Loma prieta earthquake small square (6) Loma Prieta earthquake strikes Resource page for information about Loma Prieta Earthquake
Unemployment small square (3) 5.8 million unemployed (4.2%) record low unemployment
Stock market small square (3) Stock market reached all time high, bubble, dot-com Comparisons, definitions, and much more...Wow!
Hs graduation small square 83.5% of population finishes high school Description of drop out/ graduation rates
Philippine earthquake 1990 small square (6) An earthquake hits the Phillipines. Again we can study Mother Nature, but can we do anything about it? [A memorial website](philippine earthquake 1990)
Gulf war small square (5) American soldiers fight in Gulf War Summary of Gulf War
Rodney king small square (5) Rodney King is beat by police, who are acquitted, resulting in riots Footage of police brutality all over the networks
Www small square (2) World wide web (www) born in 1992 A brief summary of the birth of www.
Hurricane andrew small square (6) Hurricane Andrew strikes Florida! [View footage of the damage](philippine earthquake 1990)
Ok city bombing small square (5) 168 dead in the bombing of Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City Very interesting website on Oklahoma city bombings
Chicago heatwave small square (6) A heatwave hit Chicago that claimed 739 lives "Dying Alone" is a book about the heatwave. Read an interview with the author.
Windows 95 small square (2) Microsoft introduces Windows 95 A link list of all the releases by windows
Tv parental guidelines small square (2) The need for parental guidelines is evident An explanation of the guidelines
Welfare to work small square (3) The Welfare Reform Act signed by Clinton Read about the Welfare to Work Program
Dvd small square (2) The DVD is introduced to Japan first Read about it on the did you know website..kewl..
Dollar sign 2 small square (4) Teacher Salary $39,347
Columbine small square (4) School Shootings at Columbine 13 dead including the shooters Dispelling many myths about that tragic day.
Y2k scare small square (2) People feared that technology would fail as 1999 turned into 2000. Nothing happened. CNN reports the morning after
Cell phones small square (2) Cell phones change the way we communicate, learn, and more Not only cell phones are featured here, but all of the decades greatest innovations
Robots on assembly line small square (3) Robots replace humans on assembly lines Honda Assembly line is all robots..watch..
Classroom 21 small square (4) The classroom 21 is innovative and the wave of the future Workshop advertisement
Vtc small square (4) Video teleconferencing is a way to have face-to-face meetings without travel Software that puts meetings at your fingertips (on your phone)
911 small square (5) World Trade Center and Pentagon are attacked by Terrorist, thousands die A resource to accounts and aftermath of this most tragic day
War on terror small square (5) 9/11 Prompts the Global War on Terrorism It's not called the "Global war on terrorism" anymore..
Telework small square (3) Telework reports 74,487 employees working from home Telework.gov
Nclb small square (4) No Child Left Behind signed and activated Resource page for faq's concerning NCLB
Tsunami thailand 2004 small square (6) more than 250,000 die in this tragedy caused by underwater earthquake Footage of the disaster...
Hurricane katrina small square (6) hurricane katrina makes landfall in Louisiana A resource page for assistance
Va shooting victims small square (4) Shootings on Virginia Tech campus leave 32 dead, including shooter MSNBC recounts the horror of that day
Gm small square (3) GM closes more plants leaving many without jobs MSNBC reports on more plant closings
Barack obama small square (5) Barack Obama becomes first Black president of U.S.A The president's official website
Digital tv transition small square (3) Mandatory transition to digital t.v. Affectionately called the "transition"
Haiti earthquake 2010 small square (6) Earthquake rocks Haiti, over 200,000 feared dead NY times with up to date news on the devastation
Timespan Dates: Timespan Title: Timespan Description:

Industrial Age 1800 to 1955 defined the industrial age, but our timeline starts at 1900. The agricultural age was the first wave starting at the end of the hunting and gathering age and giving way to the industrial age.

Technology(Strand 2) Key advances and innovations for each decade

Work (Strand 3) Business and corporate philosophies by decade

Education (Strand 4) Important theories of learning and instruction by decade

Society and Culture (Strand 5) Events that determined the thinking of each decade

Natural Disasters (Strand 6) As we depend less and less on the earth, agricultural age into industrial age, we find that we are still at her mercy. Can we make man-made technologies to defeat even Mother Nature?

Information Age The information age came about around 1955 and is quickly making way for the fourth wave.

Independent Age I project a fourth wave will peak around 2015, the independent age, where students will learn from home and parents will work from home and families will shop, spend, and trade from home..All via the computer with Internet access.