The History of Cereal

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Timeline Granula The exact date is not known, however this is the year that Granula came out, it was a Grape-Nuts type cereal that was popularized by the 1860s health movement. It was the first real cereal and was derived from grains. One had to soak it overnight for it to be edible.
Timeline Grape Nuts Post produced this cereal which is still around today. It is made from tiny very hard nuggets of wheat and barley. It is the oldest commercially produced cereal still around today
Postum Postum Postum was the first product made by CW Post, the proprieter of a cereal company that is still popular today. Post was a student of John Kellogg who beleived that caffine was unhealthy so postum was developed from wheat germ and molassas as a healthful coffe substitute.
Timeline Shredded Wheat Henry Drushell Perky and William Henry Ford, after much tinkering invent a machine that sucessfully shreds whole wheat to produce the cereal shredded wheat.
Timeline Flake Cereal W.K. Kellogg and his brother accidently invent cornflakes, creating the first toasted flake cereal.
Timeline Battle Creek Toasted Cereal Company W.K. Kellogg starts the Battle Creek Toasted Cereal Company producing early cornflakes, this company will eventually turn into Kelloggs cereal
Timeline Wheaties General Mills comes out with their first product, wheaties, using a shredding machine to get a new kind of cereal (wheaties).
Timeline Puffing Gun General mills comes out with the 'puffing gun' as a new way to create cereal, this puffing gun, which is used in many cereals today made its debut this year with General Mills' Kix cereal
Timeline Tony the Tiger Sam Goldsmith, paid by Kelloggs, thought up 5 charecters for the public to choose from, tony the tiger won and is still around today.
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Pre Cereal era Before cereal became very popular, people often ate meat or leftovers from dinner for breakfast. Breakfast was more of a family event and it was often eaten together in many cultures

Advertising to children Although there was some advertising to children before, the fifties was when the big childrens advertising started and it is still going on today