Perceptions of Body Image Throughout History

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44870 f260
Jan 1st, 1500
Elizabethan Era It was like a bell: a huge lower half, small waist and flat chest. Also, they wore an armour-like corsets to flatten the chest for a breastless look. Added volume to the skirts
44868 f260 Corsets Corsets were made of whalebone rather than iron.
Lower half of the body were natural shaped.
Corset Tight Corsets Skirts were hooped again, but hoops were flat at the front and back for a wide shape from side. A panier, a frame-work undergarment tied to the waist to support skirts at the sides. Women's corsets were tightly laced to draw the shoulders back and give a high, round bosom and upright posture.
44864 f260 Corsets more tighter and skirts more bigger Flowing and forgiving Greek-style silhouette was in fashion. Did not last long and corsets became more tighter with the skirt more bigger. Petticoats (hooped cage) were worn.
180 elizabethan fashion 4 Women's fleshy look The corsets were out of fashion. A bustle at the back of the skirt were worn to make the women's buttocks bigger. Corsets were still worn to hold in the waist. Bodice emphasised the bust.
Women had to look fleshy and full-figured. A thin body symbolised as unhealthy.
Sline 'S' shape bodyline Small waist was still in fashion. A health corset was worn tightly. Also, pushed the bust forward and the hips back, creating an 'S' shape.
Uminnwomen1900s Women's athletic image Women started to get active and athletic. Physical fitness introduced a slender shape in fashion. Corset were out of fashion and brassiere were worn.
Flapper Masculine Look Thin, boyish figure with little or no curves. Wore underwear that flattened chest for a masculine look. Some women binded their breast for a flatter chest.
1930 Return of the Corset Slightly curvier figure with a bigger bust and wanted slim hips. Women brought in the corset back in 1930s. Then a 'girdle' - a bra and attached garters.
Marilyn monroe Slim waists and bigger breast After the war, curves were back in fashion. Slim waists, long, full skirts were back into style. Underwear started to be worn for emphasising the breast, instead of the waist. Bra was worn for lifting and enhancing breasts. "Falsies" - extra padding in bra was added for a bigger breast look.
Twiggy Mini skirts & Barbie Dolls Mini skirt was in fashion. Petticoats and curves were no longer in style. A famous celebrity during this period was Twiggy. The Barbie doll was created with huge breasts, never-ending legs, non-existent hips, and teeny-tiny waist.
Hippir Natural look & Hippie style Natural look was in fashion and the "Hippie" look was in style. But, women still wanted small waist, hips and large breast. Then after a while, toned skin was popular.
Healthy fit woman Diet & Exercise Women started to work out for a fit body shape. Diet and exercising were fairly common. They wanted a mascular body, but with nice curves.
Shutterstock 1833013 healthy woman measurment Weight Loss Weight losing became popular. Women wanted to be tall, skinny with big breast. Women still used lingerie to help get the body shape they wantt, including corsets, body-shapers, control tights, push-up bras and magic knickers.
Beyonce knowles sb01 Thinness - the ultimate body shape goal Thinness is the ultimate body shape goal. Women nowadays do plastic surgery, gastric reductions and radical diets to get skinny.