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The Fifties

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Plessy vs ferguson thomas paperback cover art 1  small square Plessy v. Ferguson Constitutionalists of racial segregation in public accomidations.
Earl warren painting1 1  small square Earl Warren 14th Cheif Justice Gov. California won in the election in all three parties
Cr0009s 1  small square Brown V. Board of Education Declared state laws established separate schools
Colormarshallpic 1  small square Thurgood Marshall He was a jurist in the the case Brown v. Board of Education.
Martin luther king jr 1  small square Martin Luther King Jr. he was an activist and leader in the Civil Rights movement
Almost empty bus small square Mongomery Bus Boycott Was a political and social protest, started in 1955 in montgomery Alabama. The US wanted to oppose the city's policy of racial segregation on it's buses.
Rosaparks 1  small square Rosa Parks Refused to give up her seat on the bus
Civilrights 1  small square Civil Rights Act of 1957 ensured African American right to vote
Image 1  small square SNCC A group of black college students from NO A and T University refused to learne woolworths lunch counter.
Frmap 1  small square Freedom Rides 6 white people and 7 African Americans leave washington
Sitin 1  small square Sit in in Jackson, Mississippi Was in Woolworth was the most violently attacked sit in in the 60's on many people were converted in blood and codiments
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