Life of Susanna vonAllmen

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Timeline Birth Born in Olney, Richland, Illinois to Swiss immigrants Christian and Barbara Steiner vonAllmen.
Timeline Residence Living in Pigeon Twp., Vanderburgh, Indiana with her parents and siblings.
Timeline Marriage Married to John W. Berger in Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana
Timeline Birth of 1st Known Child Samuel J. Berger is born circa 1869 in Illinois. He is the first known child of John W. Berger and Susanna vonAllmen. He dies in the early 1870s, probably in Germany, while the family was there doing missionary work.
Timeline Residence In Prairie, Shelby, Illinois with son Samuel J. and John W. Berger, who is working as a minister.
Timeline Birth of 2nd Known Child Son Otto Allmen/Allman Berger is born Indiana, probably in Vanderburgh Co.
Timeline Passport Application John applies for a passport for him, Susanna and their two children for their upcoming trip to Germany to do missionary work. Family is living in Vanderburgh Co., Indiana.
Timeline Birth of 3rd Known Child John William Berger, Jr. is born in Germany where the family is doing missionary work.
Timeline Birth of 4th Known Child Albert J. Berger is born in Prussia/Germany while the family is dong missionary work there.
Timeline Birth of 5th Known Child and 1st Daughter Mary Barbara Berger is born in Indiana, probably in South Bend.
Timeline Birth of 6th Known Child Garfield Mentor Berger is born in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana
Timeline Birth of 7th Known Child Madeline Susanna Berger is born in Wabash Co., Indiana
Timeline Birth of 8th Known Child Gideon Gottlieb Berger is born in Wabash Co., Indiana
Timeline Birth of 9th Known Child Jesse Arthur Berger is born in Wabash Co., Indiana
Timeline Arrival in California Family arrives in California at some point during 1888. They settle in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California where John becomes minister of a church on So. Olive Dr.
Timeline Birth of 10th Known Child Florence Berger is born in Los Angeles, California. She is the last of their children.
Timeline Move to Oakland, Alameda, California Family moves to Oakland, Alameda, California from Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Timeline Death of Husband John W. Berger dies in Oakland, Alameda, California and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery
Timeline Residence Susanna is living at 1260 East 10th Street in Oakland, Alameda, California with all but two of her children (Otto, the eldest and Samuel who died young)
Timeline Widow's Pension Susanna begins receiving John's Civil War pension. She gets $8 a month.
Timeline Residence Living at 1434 Everett Ave., Oakland, Alameda, California with her two youngest children, Jesse and Florence
Timeline Death Susanna vonAllmen Berger dies at the home her daughter, Mary Barbara Berger Jory in Stockton, San Joaquin, California. She is buried on the 13th next to her husband in Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, Alameda, California. She was 83
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