James P. Preston

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Timeline James Birth James P. Preston was born in Defiance, Williams Co, OH
Timeline James' Father, William, drowns in river I have not been able to confirm any details of this tragedy; or the date, just in 1937...
Timeline James' mother remarries Asenath Butler Preston marries Asa Rugges Thomas
Timeline Ellen Born Ellen born in Bryan, Williams Co, OH
Timeline James leaves for Gold Fields James leaves the Omaha/Council Bluffs area on a wagon train for Sacramento, CA.
Timeline James arrives in Sacramento James arrives by wagon train in California gold field area, arriving first in Sacramento
Timeline James moves from California to Idaho, then to Montana In 1862, James sold his interests in California Gold Mines and moved on to Idaho gold fields. He leaves his money with a partner and goes to Montana Gold Fields. The partner abscounds with the money, and James is left in Montana to start over.
Timeline James First Married James married first Ellen Rebecca Miller in Bryan, Williams Co, OH
Timeline First son, Ernest, born Son, Ernest Guy, born in Deer Lodge, MT
Timeline Second son, Harry L., born Son, Harry L., born in Deer Lodge, MT
Timeline Third son, John M., born
Timeline Daughter, Ellen Rebecca, born Daughter, Ellen Rebecca, born in Deer Lodge, MT; named for her mother.
Timeline James files abandonment James files papers that Ellen has been gone a year; not returning.
Timeline James marries a second time James married Nora C. Gallagher in Deer Lodge, MT
Timeline A daughter is born to James and Nora Estella is born to James and Nora in Deer Lodge, MT
Timeline James and daughter appear in 1900 US Census James, listed as Widow (often means Divorced) is listed in Deer Lodge with his daughter, Estella.
Timeline James Death James died in the Deer Lodge, MT, area on the last day of 1906, according to family records. I have bee unable to confirm, personally.