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Abigail Smith Bardin-Burleson

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Timeline Birth Abigail Smith was born in Lawrence Co., Alabama to Abner Smith andSarah Rebecca Jackson
Timeline Marriage to Jesse Bardin Abigail Married Jesse James Bardin in Lagrange, Llano Co., Texas
Timeline Birth of Child-Abner Bardin The actual day that Abner was born is not known at this time. But we do know that he was born in Fayette Co., Texas. Probably in or near LaGrange. He married Sarah Jane Smith ion 31 August 1874.
Andrew bardin   family Birth of Child-Andrw Jefferson Bardin Andrew was born in Washington Co., TX. He married Nancy Elizabeth Pervine on 22 July 1875. He died in Brownwood, Brown Co., TX on 14 February 1922. The photo attached is of Andrew and his wife Sarah and their children.
Sarah bardin mccright Birth of Child-Sarah Ann Rebecca Bardin Sarah was born in Lagrange, Fayette Co., TX and married William McCright. She died on 23 July 1936 in Tulsa Ok.
Nancy emma bardin and dog Birth of Child-Nancy Emma Bardin Nancy was born in LaGrange, Fayette Co., TX and married Fredrick Wilhelm Keng. She died on 28 Jan 1940 in Houston, Harris Co., TX
Timeline Birth of Child-David Crockett Wasdin Bardin David was born in Bastrop, Bastrop Co., TX and later married Adelia Jane Elliot on 12 June 1881. He died on 25 June 1912 in Valley Springs, Llano Co., TX
John thomas bardin Birth of Child-John Thomas Bardin John Thomas was born in Burleon, Burleson Co., TX. His first wife was Amanda Jane Keng, whom he married on 1 Oct 1875. While married John had an affair with Sarah Matilda Keng. He and Amanda were divorced on 2 May 1891 in Llano Co., TX. The actual divorce papers calls out his mistress by name. He then married his mistress Sarah Matilda Keng a month later on 2 June 1891. He later died on 22 July 1930 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas
Alice marilda bardin Birth of Child-Alice Matilda Bardin Alice was born in Valley Springs, Llano Co., Texas. She married John Washinton Williams on 24 Nov 1885 in Valley Springs, Llano Co., TX. Alice died on 1 Feb 1938 in Brownwood, Brown, TX. Sometime during the year of Alice's birth her father passed away. The actual date is unknown at this time.
Timeline Marriage to Cummings Burleson Abigails First husband Jesse died in 1869
Article about primitive baptist church First Primitave Baptist Church-Llano County, TX I can not locate the actual date, but we do know that Abigail and her then husband Cummings Burleson opened their home in Johnson Creek back in 1882 and began the first Primitave Baptist Church in the area. This article was placed in the paper to celebrate the Centinnal Celbration of that Church. Article provided by: D. Chapman- 4 April 2009
Abigail smith bardin burleson tombstone Death-Abigail Smith Bardin Burleson Virtual Cemetary @ Find-A GraveAbigail died in Valley Springs, Llano Co., TX. Abigail is buried at the Valley Spring Cementary in Valley Springs, Llano Co., Texas