War of 1812 Brophy and Wulf

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  • Impressment of Sailors

    Impressment of Sailors
    It all started in 1803 when the British impressed approximatley 10,000 americans forcing them to work on the British ships.
  • James Maddison Delivers report

    James Maddison Delivers report
    James Maddison delivers report concerning British interference and impressment of sailors anti British feelings arise
  • James Monroe and William Pinkney

    James Monroe and William Pinkney
    Monroe and Pinkney were unable to resolve major problems between the British between British and Americans concerning commercial shipping and impressment
  • The British Blockade France

    The British Blockade France
    Americna ships are caught in the middle and the British sieze approximately 1000 U.S. ships
  • Monroe-Pinkney Treaty

    Monroe-Pinkney Treaty
    Jefferson recieves the Monroe-Pinkney treaty but does not submit to Congress because it represents a dismal failure for the Americans
  • Chesepeke is fired

    Chesepeke is fired
    The ship Chesepeke is fired on by the British ship Leopard after refusing to be boarded. This creates an international incident.
  • Jefferson passing Embargo Act

    Jefferson passing Embargo Act
    In 1807 Congress passed an act stopping all foreign trade
  • Embargo in election of 1808

    Embargo in election of 1808
    The embargo act was a big issue in the 1808 election. It was clear however that the embargo could not continue. Congress repealed it in early 1809
  • 1809 William Henry Harrison

     1809 William Henry Harrison
    Willam Henry Harrison persuaded indians to sell their land. (About 3 million acres)
  • Shawnee Fought

    Shawnee Fought
    The shawnee forces under Harrison fought in centeral Indiana known as the Battle of Timppecanoe. It was a crushing defeat for the shawnee
  • America Declares war

    America Declares war
    America declares war against the British. This war is known as the "Mr. Madison's war" or "The second American revolution."
  • U.S. Loses Ft. Mackinac

    U.S. Loses Ft. Mackinac
    U.S. loses Ft. Mackinac as the British invade American territory.
  • Britan and France

    Britan and France
    In 1812 to 1814 Britan was still tied up in it's fight against France
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    In september of 1813 the small British Fleet on Lake Erie set out to defeat the American fleet
  • Lake Erie Defeat

    Lake Erie Defeat
    Harrison defeated the British and their indian allies.
  • British and Chesepeke Bay

    British and Chesepeke Bay
    In 1814 the British sailed into Chesepeke Bay and stormed into Washington D.C. They burned the Capital and other public buildings
  • Lake Champlain British Invasion

    Lake Champlain British Invasion
    The British goal was to push south through the Hudson Valley and cut New England off from the rest of the country. This plan failed when American Ships defeated them.
  • Another British Attack in New Orleans

    Another British Attack in New Orleans
    In December 1814 dozens of ships carrying 7,500 British Troops were approching Louisiana. To fight them the Americans patched together and army of militen, Indians, African Americans, and Pirates. The Army was under Andrew Jackson.
  • The treaty signed in 1814

    The treaty signed in 1814
    Niether side of New Orleans knew about the Treaty of Ghent. A peace treaty between Britan and the United States. It had been signed 2 weeks earlier before the attack on New Orleans.