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GMO History

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Invertase small square Discovery of Invertase Ernst Hoppe-Seyler discovers the ensyme invertase. Invertase cuts the disaccharide sucrose into glucose and fructose. This process is still used today. This event was significant to gentically modified food because it gave us something that we use for numerous things aand this discovery gave us something that we still use today for a common sweetner.
Pasteurization small square The Invention of Pasteurisation Louis Pasteur invents the process of pasteurisation, which heats wine sufficiently to inactivate microbes and prevent spoilage without ruining the flavor. This event is significant to genetically modified food because without this discovery we wouldn't be able to have any of the foods that we have today that require pasteurisation.
The biotechnology revolution small square The Biotechnology Revolution In the biotechnology revolution, scientists successfully create a recombinant organsim for the first time. This event is sginificant to genetically modified food because it was the uprise to genetic modification. It started the huge boom of using biotechnology for genetic modification.
Insulin small square The First Biotechnology Patent is Granted U.S researchers are awarded a patent that allowa them to make insulin from genetically modified bacteria. This event is significant to genetically modified food because it was the first thing that allowed researchers to use genetic modification for aiding people. It was the beginning to genetic modification patents in the U.S, do eithout that happening, we wouldn't have been able to use genetic modification to our advantages.
Genetics small square The First Deliberate Release Expirement This expirement is conducted by the firm Genetic Sciences. They inject genetically-modified microbes into trees growing on the company's roof. This event is significant to genetically modified food because it opened up the theory to expirement with genetic modification in plants and animals.
Tobacco small square Appproval of the First Genetically Modified Crop The U.S Environment Protection Agency approves the release of the first genetically -modified crop;a GM virus resistant tobacco plant. This event was significant because it opened up the possibility of having even more gentcially modified food that's safe to eat. It was also the start of gnetically modified food becoming released into the general public grocery stores.
Falvrsavr tomato small square The FlavrSavr Tomato FlavrSavr Tomato, the first genetically modified food product, recieves U.S Food Drug Aministration approval. This event was significant to genetic modification because it started the trend of gentically modified food in markets.
Dolly the sheep small square Cloning Begins At Roslin Institue, reaearchers clone a sheep anmed Dolly. Dolly was created from an udder cell of an adult ewe. This event was significant to genetic modification because it was the very first clone that ever happened in the world. This event opened up the possibilities for even more studies in that type of genetic modification; perhaps even cloning animals for food in the future.
Gmo corn small square GM Crop Boom Around 40 million hectares of GM crops-such as soy, cotton, canola, and corn- are planted globally. This event was significant to genetic modification because it started the need of GMO foods across the globe, and it started the food trend of making GMO foods popular.
Fda small square Cloned Animals & Food The U.S Food and Drug Administration cocluce that any food derived from cloned animals and/or their offspring are safe to eat. This event is significant to genetic modified food because it opens up a possibilty in the future of having cloned animals as our meat and dairy diet instead of eating non-cloned animals.
We want you small square Food Desires Come Researchers discover a way of gentically modifying food to meet a person's standards. This evet is significant to genetic modification becasue we finally have found a way engineer food in the way we want.
Krogerlogo small square Our Genetically Modified Food Hits the Market The U.S Food ANd Drug Administration approves the new discovery of genetically modified food, and allows it to be sold in markets. This event would be significant to genetic modification because we would finally be able to buy the food that we've wanted for so long.