Lord Of the Flies.

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  • The boy's plane crashes onto the island. 1

    The boy's plane crashes onto the island.  1
    This is the very beginning of the descent into savagery for this group of proper school boys ages five to around fifteen. Being on this island without rules or adults will change their proper behavior into the extreme opposite.
  • The Hunt Begins 2

    The Hunt Begins  2
    Led by Jack, a group of hunters begin to search for food. Up until now they have been eating fruits and such. Now they have discovered there are pigs that are also on the island. Although Jack misses his first shot at one, it has only just begun.
  • Division. 3

    Division.  3
    This chapter is the beginning of the split between Ralph's side and Jack's side. This is because when Ralph wants help making shelters Jack's group is off hunting and no help is being given to Ralph. This brings Ralph much frustration and leads into the beginning of "the war" between the two groups.
  • "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood." 4

    "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood." 4
    At this point Jack is oblivious to anything but hunting. Due to this the fire on the mountain is let out just as a boat is seen. Ralph, who is the leader, gets extremely upset and angry that no one is taking responsiblities for the simple jobs they are given. Jack and Ralph are starting to find they have differences that may not be able to be put aside.
  • The "What's what" meeting. 5

    The "What's what" meeting. 5
    On this night calls an assembly out of anger and frustration. He wants help from everyone else to build the shelters, to try to keep the island as clean as possible, to keep clean drinking water, and most of all to keep the fire going. He has not been getting any help for any of these things. Most of the blame for this lies on Jack. When Ralph tries to establish rules on the island none of the kids want to listen. None of the kids want rules which is a big deal in the chapter.
  • The beast from the air is discovered. 6

    The beast from the air is discovered. 6
    This event takes place in the forest around the fire when Eric (one of the twins) spots something in in the forest around them. They all believe this creature is a beast that came from the air but really this was the dead soldier that landed with his parachute. This began the hunt for the beast.
  • Roberts mistake 7

    Roberts mistake  7
    Robert snarls at Ralph as he tells his story of hitting a pig with his spear but not killing it. This makes Ralph very angry and he goes after Robert with the spear which gets him in the butt. Jack and Roger have to hold the two boys apart.
  • Chaos 8

    Chaos  8
    An assembly is called by Ralph about the beast that comes from the sea. Some of the boys go to hunt the beast from the sea that has landed atop the mountain but the others are too afraid. Accusations of being a coward are made. Of course just like in any other part of the book, the boys fight over the conch and who gets to speak. The tension between Ralph and Jack continues to get worse.
  • Simon is Killed 9

    Simon is Killed  9
    On this night it is dark and rainy. Piggy refers to this weather as the same storm that took place when their plane crashed. A feast is held by Jack's group of boys but Ralph's group also joined them. Later that night when all of the boys start their pig dance Simon abrubtly crawls out of the forest. Not knowing that this odd figure was Simon, the boys violently killed him thinking he was the beast.
  • Thieves 10

    Thieves 10
    In this chapter the groups are clearly split into Ralph's group and Jack's group. One night when Ralph's groups were in there shelters on the beach trying to sleep when Jack's group snuck over. The boys of Jack's group then tried to beat up the boys and stole piggy's glasses. They stole the "fire". They did not care whether Ralph's group survived or not and even resorted to violence against the other boys.
  • Piggy is crushed 11

    Piggy is crushed  11
    Piggy tends to annoy the other boys on the island, especially when he yells about having the conch and it being his turn to speak. Most of the boys can handle this, but Roger gets sick of it at this point decides Piggy needs to go. So as Piggy is going on about the conch, Roger pushes a great rock which hits Piggy. He is sent fourty feet and eventually crushed and all that is left is his shattered body.
  • Man hunt. 12

    Man hunt. 12
    Ralph is now all alone, an outcast. Everyone has gone to Jack's "tribe". In this chapter Jack calls for a hunt; a hunt for Ralph. This shows that they are no longer against murder of any kind. This planned murder would not be an accident it would be on purpose. This shows how truly savage these boys have become.
  • Period: to

    Descent into savagery.