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Johannes brahms 1 Birthday I was born on May 7, 1833 in Hamburg Germany. My family includes a mother and father, by the name of Johann Jakob and Christina Nissen Brahms. I also have a brother and sister that go by Elsie and Fritz. My mother was a seamstrist and father played in the militia band and court orchestra. Because music has always been apart of my life from an early age, composing symphonies or writing my own songs has come natural to me.
Music16 Studies In 1840, I began to study with Otto Cossel. Five years later (1845) I began my studies with Edward Marxsen. (My resources did not mention the correct day and month) e-music/images/music16.jpg
Plane travel Occupations/Traveling On June, 1862 I attended the Rhein Music Festival in Köln, combined with a visit to Clara Schumann in Münster am Stein. In July, I went back to Hamburg. In September, I took a permanent residence in Vienna and became the Conductor of the Weiner Singakademie. Also I Met Richard Wagner and Elisabeth von Stockhausen. (My resources did not mention the correct day) ../plane-travel.jpg
Schumann brahms Family Starts Decreasing In mid June, 1864 I resigned my post as Director of the Singakademie, and returned home to Hamburg to visit my family. A year later my mother died on January 31, 1865. On Febuary 11, 1872 my father dies. That same year in September, I accepted the position as Conductor of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. In 1892, my only sister Elise Died. Three years later (1895) my brother, Fritz died. images/schumann+brahms.jpg
Friendship2 Vacation and Friendship On April 18, 1875 I Resigned as conductor of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. Just as I did the previous summer, I traveled and developed a friendship with poet Gottfried Keller. 2009/03/…
1647 225 198 crop c1831 Concerts In the late summer of 1877 I visited Leipzig. There I attendded concerts and had a reunion with Elisabeth von Herzongenberg. Next, I traveled to Hamburg for a concert of my own. That summer I spent time in Portschach am Wörthersee with Elisabeth. (My resources did not mention the correct day or month. However, the information stated that it was late summer) common/ima..
Seattle symphony Fourth Symphony On October, 1885 I traveled to Meinigen for the rehearsal of my Fourth Symphony. Immediately after, I took a tour through Germany and the Netherlands. (My resources did not mention the correct day) files/2008/03/seat...
Trash can Uncomplete Compositions In October, 1890, I began "cleaning house," or destroying incomplete works or abandoned compositions that I had created. This was important because it gave me a chance to start fresh, and work on new pieces of music. (My resources did not mention the correct day.) 2009/10/
Pills Treatment In September, 1896 I went to Karlsbad for treatment. I have become very ill and need medical care. (My resources did not mention the correct day.) newsletters/pills.jpg
Brhms01 Death On April 3, 1897 I died at the age 64 in Vienna, Austria, due to illness. In my opinion, I had lived my life to the fullest! Music has influenced my life greatly, and I have accomplished many goals because of it. I dedicate my music to all my fans and hope that they will enjoy the beautiful sound for many generations to come!