To kill a mockingbird

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Timeline Dill arrives in Maycomb
Timeline Accused rape of Mayella Ewell commited by Tom Robinson
Timeline Dill leaves Maycomb
Timeline Scout starts school
Timeline Finds the knothole with items
Timeline Dill visits Maycomb
Timeline Atticus finds out about the kids and schemes about Boo Radley
Timeline Dill leaves Maycomb
Timeline Boo Radley leaves his house
Timeline The Finches celebrate Christmas at Uncle Jack
Timeline Jem starts reading for Mrs. Dubose as punishment by Atticus
Timeline Jem stops reading for Mrs. Dubose
Timeline Aunt Alexandra visits Maycomb
Timeline The Tom Robinson case is started
Timeline Dill arrives Maycomb
Timeline Tom Robinson dies while attempting escape from prison
Timeline Tom Robinson case closed
Timeline Boo Radley kills Bob Ewell
Timeline Aunt Alexandra departs from Maycomb
Timeline Mrs. Dubose dies, partly of her morphine addiction.
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