History of the UCM Library

Timeline created by csmith
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Williams Sarah J. Williams, 1883-1894 Sarah J. Williams hired as %u201CMatron%u201D.
Powers Anna M. Powers, 1896-1904 Anna Powers replaces Henry Fike as librarian. Collection totals 2,500-3000. Collection moved to second floor of Science Annex.
Roberts Flora B. Roberts, 1904-1910 Flora Roberts succeeds Anna Powers. Organizes a disorganized collection.
Phillips Grace D. Phillips, 1911-1911 Flora Powers leaves, succeeded by Grace Phillips (1-5/1911), succeeded by Alice Blair..
Cook Lesson Hay Cook, 1916-1921
Blair Alice Ladle Blair, 1911-1916 Flora Powers leaves, succeeded by Grace Phillips (1-5/1911), succeeded by Alice Blair.
Davis Gertrude Davis, 1921-1922
Edwards Ward Edwards, 1922-1938
Mishoff William O. Mishoff, 1938-1943 Willard Mishoff becomes Director of Library, succeeding Ward Edwards. Division of Library Service created.
Brown Olive I. Brown, 1943-1948 Olive Brown becomes Acting Director of Library. Collection stands at 60,298. Circulation/ref questions decline with entry of US into WWII.
Stanton William Stanton, 1948-1965 William Stanton becomes Librarian (%u201Cdirector%u201D title dropped). Stays for 18 years
Ford Clarence B. Ford, 1965-1970 Clarence Ford succeeds William Stanton. Title of Director of Library Services resurrected.
Harris Edward Harris, 1971-1982 Ed Harris appointed Assistant to the VP for Academic Affairs in charge of Ward Edwards Library, lab school library, Residence Center Library, more. %u201CLibrary Services%u201D dropped, called %u201CInformation Retrieval Areas%u201D, then %u201CEducational Media Services%u201D.
Rosalie Rosalie Schell Elwell, 1987-1988 Rosalie Schell fills in as %u201CActing Dean of Library Services%u201D (first time dean used). Made Associate Dean of Library Services. Retires 1/1990
Lee Michael M. Lee, 1982-1987 Ed Harris leaves, succeeded by Michael Lee as Director of Library Services. Participatory management adoptedkk
Rao Pal V. Rao,2003-2008 Paul Rao becomes first Dean of Library Services. Subject areas abandoned in favor of unified collection. Reorganization of positions.
Mollie Mollie M. Dinwiddie, 2003-present Paul Rao leaves, succeeded by Dean Mollie Dinwiddie. Librarians granted faculty status.
Fike Henry Clay Fike, 1894-1896 Second librarian hired (Henry Clay Fike). Dewey Decimal adopted, card catalogs purchased