Thailand's Important Historical Events

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Timeline Chakri Dynasty Beginning of the Chakri Dynasty which is ruled by King Rama I, which rules to this present day. The country is known as Siam. Capital becomes Bangkok.
Timeline Reign of King Chulalongkorn Reign of King Chulalongkorn. Railway system developed.
Timeline Siam becomes ally Siam becomes ally of Great Britain in World War I.
Timeline Constitutional monarch and Parliamentary government introduced Bloodless fight against King Prajadhipok. Constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary government introduced.
Timeline Siam re-named Siam changes its name to Thailand
Timeline Japaneese land Japaneese land in Thailand. After negotiations, Thailand lets the Japaneese pass through their country.
Timeline Declare War Thailand declares war on the United States and on the British.
Timeline World War II ends Thailand forced to return territory it had taken from Laos, Cambodia and Malaya. Exciled king returns.
Timeline King Assasinated Exciled king is assasinated.
Timeline Thailand Agrees Thailand allows the United States to use the bases there during the Vietnam War. Thai troops fight with the U.S. in Southern Vietnam.
Timeline Change of Government Student riots in Bangkok bring the fall of the military government. Free elections are held.
Timeline Military Government The military takes back the government.
Timeline Constitution New constitution created.
Timeline General Prem Tinsulanonda General Prem Tinsulanonda takes control.
Timeline Civilian Government General gives up his military position and heads a civilian government. he is re-elected in 1986
Timeline General Chatichai Choonhaven General Chatichai Choonhaven takes Prem's position afterwards.
Timeline Anand Panyarachun A civilian, Anand Panyarachun, is made the prime minister.
Timeline Government Collapses Government collapses. Banharn Silpa-archa made the prime minister.
Timeline Forced to Resign Banharn's government is forced to resign after evidence of corruption.