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Atomic Theory Timeline

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Images small square 1st Oct, 0400 Democritus Democritus found the atom.All atoms are indivisble, Atom derives from atomos. Atomos is greek for indivisible.
Images small square John Dalton He proposed atomic theory, with spherical solid masses in motion. Atoms can't be made or destroyed.
Images small square Wilhelm Roentgen While using a CRT, he observed nearby chemicals that glowed. Some of the rays weren't deflected by the magnetic field. He these rays X-Rays. This is based on
Images small square J. Plucker He built the first Cathode Ray tube. These are used to make X-Rays.
Images small square JJ Thomson He described atoms as ball of postive charge containing a number of electron, discovered the electron.
Images small square Aston Discovered the existence of isotopes through the use of a mass spectrograph.
Images small square Neils Bohr He is the Father of Quantam theory, Proposed that the atom is "succesive or bital shells of electrons. Bohr camee up with the "Bohr Planetary Model."
Images small square Ernest Rutherford He is the father of nucleus physics. He developed the "gold foil experiment." Rutherford deteremined that the nucleus of an atom is very dense and has a positive charge.
Images small square Erwin Schrodinger He proposed the "Electron Cloud Theroy." Schrodinger identified the electron cloud as the propable location of moving particles.
Images small square James Chadwick Chadwick proved the existance of neutron. He discoverd a particle within the nucleus that has a mass similar to that of a proton.
Images small square John Douglas Cockcroft/ Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton Built the early linear accelerrator and bombarded lithium with protons to produce alpha particles. They split the atom for the first time. This later lead to the atomic bomb that ended World War 2.
Images small square Ernest Lawrence He invented the cyclotron and recognized the potential for medical isotopes. Isotopes are used to make medicines. When radioactive isotopes are introduced to the body, they give off an energy or radiation that can be tracked by imaging equipment. This allows doctors to more efficiently pinpoint exactly where the diseased tissue is. Image scanning using radioactive isotopes is more finely detailed and more accurate than MRI scans
Images small square Enrico Fermi He conducted the first chain reaction releasing energy from the atoms nucleus.
Images small square First Atomic Bomb dropped The atomic bomb was dropped to finish World War 2. America used Cockroft and Walton's idea, and split the atom to create a nucleur bomb.