Top ten inventions from the 1400s to now

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Sep 15th, 1411
First trigger invented
The first parachute descent by andre jacques garnerin 1770 1823 over parc monceau  22nd october 1797
Sep 15th, 1487
Leonardo designed first parachute First made but was never used
Submarine washington university construction Earliest human-powered submarine invented The idea was invented by Leonardo but this was first one made
Guillotine The guillotine is invented Made in France to excute the royalty, less painful than using an axe
Gatling 350 Richard gatling patents the machine gun This is actually a gatling gun not really a machine gun
M60 dx Harlim Maxim invents the machine gun This is the first real automatic weapon that can be carried
First robot First robot is built Really basic considering the robots we have now, but was the basis for the modern ones
First helicopter flight Igo Silkorsky invents first successful helicopter First one that did not crash or explode
Sv c3 a4vare The hovercraft invented by Christopher Cockerell.
Invinvisible Optical Camouflage System invented by Susumu Tachi, Masahiko Inami, and Naoki Kawakami How it looksIt works by a video camera recording the real-life scenery behind the subject, then it transmits that image to a front-mounted projector, which then displays the scene on the reflective material