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Scientific Discoveries Timeline

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250px heliocentric small square 8th Sep, 1543 The heliocentric model-Nicolaus Copernicus Nicolaus Copernicus invented the heliocentric model, the heliocentric model, centered around the sun. He claimed that all the planets, including Earth, moved in orbits around the sun, and showed how this new system could accurately calculate the positions of the planets.
800px magnetosphere rendition small square Earth's magnetic field William Gilbert discovered the Earth's magnetic field, he proposed that the Earth acts like a big magnet whose field aligns the small magnet used as a compass needle.
Galileo small square The Moon is observed. Galileo observes the Moon. He discovered the Moon had mountains, valleys, and plains like the Earth. He called the dark regions of the Moon maria, the Latin word for seas.
Scientificmethod.jpg small square The Scentific Method René Descartes dicovered the Scientific Method in 1637
Mercury barometer small square The Mercury Barometer Evangelista Torricelli invents the mercury barometer
Huygens small square Saturns rings and a moon discovered. Using a telescope he made, Huygens first identified Saturn's rings and one of Saturn's moons.
Sun small square Law of Gravity 1666-Sir Issac Newton discovered the Law of Gravity. This is seen to be the start of Modern Astronomy.
Volv3sm small square Microscopic Organisms Anton van Leeuwenhoek discovered micro-organisms in pond water
800px sun to earth small square The speed of light Ole Rømer did the first measurement of the speed of light
Leydenjar small square The Leyden Jar Ewald Jürgen Georg von Kleist invented the Leyden jar
Kid uranus small square Uranus is discovered William Herschel discovers Uranus. While measuring the directions and brightnesses of stars, Herschel found a fuzzy spot that moved among the stars. This was Uranus, the first planet that was not known to the ancients.
Batteries small square The electric battery Alessandro Volta invented the electric battery
Anesthesia glossary 78 small square Anesthesia William Morton discovers anesthesia.
Periodic table small square The Periodic Table Dmitri Mendeleev established the Periodic table
Xray01 small square X-rays Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen invented the X-ray
Isotopes small square The atomic number Henry Moseley: defined atomic number
Bigbang small square The Big Bang Georges Lemaître discovered the theory of the Big Bang
Humanchromosomeschromomycina3 small square The chromosome Oswald Avery proves that DNA is the genetic material of the chromosome
Moon landing small square Men Land on the Moon Astronauts Edwin Aldrin and Neil Armstrong land on the Moon.
Hst sm small square Hubble Space Telescope Hubble Space Telescope put into orbit from space shuttle Discovery.
773px dollyscotland  crop  small square A sheep is cloned Roslin Institute cloned Dolly the sheep using the process of nuclear transfer.