King George III Timeline

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Birth Birth George was born on this day which was two months before his due date.
Father Death of Father King George III's father's death certainly had an impact on him. He was now next in line to the throne. Because he no longer had a father he now looked up to his mother's friend, Earl of Bute.
George%20ii Death of King George II This is the day that King George III's grandfather died. This event had a great impact on his life. Because his father was already dead he was next in line to the throne. Before he could inherit the throne, he first had to quickly find a wife.
Wife Marriage Because of his grandfather's death George III had to quickly find a wife. He met and married Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz on the same day. Luckily for him they were a perfect match. They had fifteen children within the first twenty-one years of their marriage.
Crowning Becoming King It was on this day that George actually became King George III ruler of Great Britain. He was also king of Ireland and Hanover.
First%20child First Child George Augustus Frederick, King George III's first son out of fifteen, was born on this day. He was also known as the Prince of Wales and King George IV.
Second%20child Second Child Frederick was the second child of King George III. He was also known as the Duke of York.
Stamp%20act Stamp Act The Stamp Act was passed to tax the colonists. The colonists did not like being taxed very much and fought until the act was done away with.
Third%20child Third Child William Henry was the third child of George III. He was also known as Duke of Clarence and King William IV.
Stamp%20act Repeal of the Stamp Act The Stamp Act was repealed because of all the commotion the colonists were stirring up. King George was furious because of all the rebellion that was going on in the colonies. It was probably a moment when King George realized that he might loose control of the colonies.
Fourth%20child Fourth Child Charlotte Augusta Matilda was the fourth child and first girl born of King George III. She had no other title than Princess because women were not allowed to rule in her time.
Fifth%20child Fifth Child Edward Augustus was the fifth child born of George III. He was also known as Duke of Kent.
Sixth%20child Sixth Child Augusta Sophia was the sixth child of King George III. She never married.
Lord%20north Prime Minister Lord North is made the prime minister. George likes him quite a bit, but the American War started as a result of his policies.
Boston%20massacre Boston Massacre This event changed the mind of all the colonists. Mostly all of the colonists were on board with the idea of rebelling against Britain.
Seventh%20child Seventh Child Princess Elizabeth was the seventh child of George III.
Eighth%20child Eighth Child Ernest Augustus was the eighth child of King George III. He was also known as Duke of Cumberland. He also became King of Hanover and was known as King Ernest.
Ninth%20child Ninth Child Augustus Frederick was the ninth child of George III. He was also known as Duke of Sussex.
Boston%20tea%20party Boston Tea Party This was when the colonists dumped tons of tea into the sea as an act of rebellion. They did this because of a tax that was put on them earlier. This added to King George III's fury.
Tenth%20child Tenth Child Adolphus Frederick was the tenth child of George III. He was also known as Duke of Cambridge.
Lexington%20and%20concord Battle at Lexington and Concord This was the first battle of the American Revolution.
Eleventh%20child Eleventh Child Mary was the eleventh child of King George III.
Dec.%20of%20independence Declaration of Independence This was a document that proclaimed America’s independence from Great Britain. It was signed on the fourth but reached George around the sixth.
Twelveth%20child Twelfth Child Sophia was the twelfth child of George III. She never got married.
Last%20child Fifteenth Child Amelia was the last child of King George III. She never got married.
Treaty%20of%20paris Treaty of Paris This was the document that officially ended the American Revolution.
Crazy%20george First Attack King George attacked his older son because he had a disease called porphyries. He was going insane. He was put in a straight jacket for some time.
Coffin Death King George's illness finally takes him and he dies. His oldest son becomes the king.
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Learning to Read George III had a hard time grasping things. It was in this time period that he finally learned to read. He was eleven years old.

Thirteenth Child Octavius was the thirteenth child of King George III. Unfortunatley, he died in his childhood.

Fourteenth Child Alfred was the fourteenth child of King George III. He also died in his childhood.

Clearing George was cleared by his doctors after the attack to go on with his royal duties.

Illness King George's illness was permanent by this point. His oldest son was now regent and carried out his father’s duties.