Music Playback Devices

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  • The Phonograph

    The Phonograph
    In 1877 the first phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison. The phonograph was the first method of recording and playing back sound. This was Edison's first great invention. The new invention gave Edison international fame. He toured the country with the phonograph and was even invited to the White House to demonstrate the invention to President Rutherfor B. Hayes in 1878.
  • The Gramophone

    The Gramophone
    Emile Berliner came up with the Gramophone. He was the first inventor to stop recording on cylinders and start recording on flat discs or records.
  • Magnetophons

    Sales of Magnetophons total 379 units. That figure rises to 937 by 1943-44.
  • LP Player

    LP Player
    Stereo LP's appear on the RCA-Victor label
  • 8 Track

    8 Track
    The Lear Jet Stereo 8 track cartridge was designed by Ralph Miller, who still has the original in his garage, and credit was taken for it by Bill Lear in 1964.
  • Casette Player

    Casette Player
    The world's first cassette player was made available to the public at an electronics show in August 1965.
  • Sony Walkman

    The device was built in 1978 by audio division engineer Nobutoshi Kihara
  • CD Player

    CD Player
    a collaboration of Philips and Sony was established which resulted in a joint Compact Disc standard.
  • First Portable CD Player

    First Portable CD Player
    The evolution of CD technology to acquire a more sophisticated format. There appeared the first portable and car CD players in 1984 followed by the introduction of CD-ROM drives for computers in 1985.
  • First MP3

    First MP3
    Manufactured by Korea's Saehan Information Systems, the device was launched in March of 1998 at CeBIT, and went on sale in the Summer through Eiger Labs for $250.
  • Sensory Science RaveMP 2100

    Sensory Science RaveMP 2100
    The RaveMP 2100 was launched in the summer of 1999. With 64MB, it had double the capacity that the other players from the year before had. On top of that a memory card slot allowed an additional 32MB to be used, making the total capacity 96MB.
  • Creative Nomad Jukebox

    Creative Nomad Jukebox
    This $500 player was a big hit for Creative. It had a 6GB hard drive, and despite the size it sold great numbers. The Nomad Jukebox was one of the best MP3 players ever made both sound quality wise and feature wise, with more features than you find on many MP3 players even today.
  • Creative MuVo

    Creative MuVo
    The design Creative introduced with the first MuVo would stay by the company for years to come. Many will remember this player or one of it's brothers as it's one of the best selling mp3 player series every made. The first MuVo didn't have a screen, and was only available in 64 and 128MB capacities. Running 12 hours off a single AAA battery and with a integrated USB plug, it was a simple and easy to use player that certainly didn't make a big bulk in your pocket.
  • iriver H100 series

    iriver H100 series
    iriver's old players are known to be some of the best mp3 players ever made, even by today's measures. The iHP-1XX series (later renamed H1XX due to a argument with Hewlett Packard) was the first series of such players from iriver.
  • nano

    In September 2006, Apple replaced the original iPod nano with a more rugged, aluminum-clad model. The 2G nano remained tiny, gained a brighter screen and improved battery life, and was available in three capacities and six colors: 2 GB silver; 4 GB blue, green, pink, and silver; and 8 GB black
  • The iPhone

    The iPhone
    Steve Jobs announced the iPhone during the Macworld Expo keynote address in January 2007. The iPod-sized device runs OS X and is unlike any smartphone that preceded it.
  • iPod Line Overhauled

    iPod Line Overhauled
    The entire iPod line was updated on Sept. 9, 2008. The iPod shuffle remained the same - same design, same memory capacity - but with a different color palette. The iPod classic line was simplified with a single 120 GB model replacing the previous 80 GB and 160 GB ones.