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2011 Japanese Tsunami Timeline

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Cnn small square Widespread destruction from Japan earthquake and tsunami. A first-hand look at the initial effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami from CNN. Article found here.
Corrects%20location%20 %20houses%20swallowed%20by%20tsunami%20.. small square Powerful quake, tsunami kills hundreds in Japan. Associated Press's reaction to the tsunami and description of the international aid being sent. Article found here.
Mqen1ppq small square Tsunami Footage. Youtube footage showing a first hand look at the devastation brought by the Japanese tsunami. Video found here.
B5lm3o2j small square NOAA: Honshu, Japan tsunami propagation An tsunami forecast model courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Video found here.
Reuters small square Tsunami Waves Close in on Japan Breaking news of the Japanese tsunami. Watch the video right here.
Reuters small square Japan Quake Triggers Giant Tsunami More footage of the devastating tsunami. Here it is.
Tsunami hits hawaii barrels to us west coast 2011 648198 1 small square Away from Japan, Tsunami's Effect is Diffuse Tsunami warnings are issued along the Pacific Rim, including Hawaii and California, but sea levels remain fairly stable. Read the article here.
Ob mz232 0311jq d 20110311025237 small square Live Blog: Japan Earthquake The Wall Street Journal's live blog of the Japan crisis, or JAPAN REALTIME. Read the live updates.
Sub scene 1 articlelarge small square On Edge of Disaster, Town Reels from Tsunami Interviews with survivors of the tsunami from the seaside town of Nakaminato. Read it here.
13japan span articlelarge small square Japan Pushes to Rescue Survivors as Quake Toll Rises Japanese news media estimates the death toll from the natural disasters at around 1,300 to 1,700, mostly from drowning. Read it here.
Description small square After Quake and Tsunami, Japanese Citizens Flock to Social Networks for Informantion People use social media to contact friends and relatives, as well as to get news on the disaster. Read the full article here.
Tnfl5x0b small square How Shifting Plates Caused the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan Two days after the incident, the NY Times publishes an explanation of the cause of the devastating tsunami. Interactive visual found here.
Z6yfkvt7 small square The moment the tsunami hit Japan Al-Jazeera's look at the exact moment the tsunami struck Japan. Watch the clip.
1oy8obrc small square Japan Announces Emergency Budget for Rebuilding Japan recently launched a $50 billion rebuilding effort, although the government estimates the total cost of damage at $300 billion. Check it out here.
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