2011 Egyptian Revolution

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  • "Day of Revolt"

    "Day of Revolt"
    Day of RevoltVideo Tens of thousands of people gathered in the capital of Egypt, Cairo, to protest against the government and President Hosni Mubarak. Although most of the revolts were non-violet, there were some deaths that occurred in the process. These protests were organized and made known through popular social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Because of this the government shut down the internet which only stayed down for two days.
  • The Friday of Rage

    The Friday of Rage
    Friday of RageProtests in Cairo begin just after midnight. The government once again shut down the internet as well as communication services in attempt to stop the protests. Mobile phone carriers were also shut down that day. The Egyptian government ordered the police to abandon the streets and allowed for the military to assist the streets.
  • The March of Millions

    The March of Millions
    The March of MillionsEven more protests broke out in Tahrir Square, in downtown Cairo. The motives for this was the same as the previous, the Egyptian people wanted to take down the government. Although it was claimed that there were two million people present, it’s been argued that the square can only hold 250,000 people, but sources say that there were up to two million people in the square as well as surrounding it.
  • Battle of the Camel

    Battle of the Camel
    Battle of the CamelViolence broke out in Cairo as President Mubarak’s supporters tried to ride out protesters. They were on horses and camels, armed with swords and sticks. This ambush of the President’s army caused hundreds of casualties that day. President Mubarak reiterated his refusal of stepping down from office to a number of news reporters and journalists.
  • Mubarak Resigns

    Mubarak Resigns
    VideoMubarak ResignsAs the protests in Cairo continually increased, President Mubarak felt the pressure. He decided to coup with the Egyptian people by delegating some of his power towards his vice president, but he would still remain as head of state. Instead of being happy about this, citizens were furious and would not stand for this.
  • The Friday of Departure

    The Friday of Departure
    The Friday of DepartureEgyptian citizens all over the country did not settle for the President’s announcement from the previous day. Because of this massive protests broke out all over Egypt. At six P.M. local time Vice President Suleiman announced that President Mubarak had resigned from office. The Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces would take control of the country for the time being.
  • The Friday of Cleansing

    The Friday of Cleansing
    The Friday of CleansingEven though the major protests were over, the Egyptian people were not satisfied with the authorities. The Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces was not following through with their promise of the resignation of the remaining government figures. They refused to prosecute the former officials due to slow investigations.
  • The Second Friday of Anger

    The Second Friday of Anger
    Second Friday of AngerThe Egyptian people once again gather and protest in Tahrir Square in Cairo. This protest had hundreds of thousands of people attend it. The motives for this protest were the same for the previous one, the people in charge of the government were not fulfilling their promises. Since Mubarak’s Regime, this protest was the largest. The Egyptian people were fed up by the actions of their government.
  • Elections Will Occur

    Elections Will Occur
    ElectionsAfter almost a year of protesting, the Egyptian people will finally get what they have been asking for. Egyptian citizens will vote for a president on May 23 and 24. The Egyptian people are doing their best to elect a leader who would never put their country through the same detriment as Mubarak.
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    The Fridays of Anger

    The Fridays of AngerBy this time, the Egyptian people weren’t going to put up with the slow reforms. Protesters showed up three Fridays in a row in Tahrir Square and all over Egypt. This would only be followed by two more major protests before the country’s people received what they had been waiting for.