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Timeline small square Air-Traffic controllers strike - On August 3, 1981 almost 13,000 air traffic controllers went on --strike after months of negotiations with the federal government. - This strike was not a strike of abruptness and without warning.
Timeline small square Equal Access Act - The Act provides that if a school receives federal aid and has a "limited open forum," or at least one student-led non-curriculum club that meets outside of class time, it must allow additional such clubs to be organized, and must give them equal access to meeting spaces and school publications.
Timeline small square Gramm-Rubman-Hollings Act - The law provided for automatic spending cuts to take effect if the president and Congress failed to reach established targets.
Timeline small square Iran-Contra Scandal - It began in 1985, when President Ronald Reagan's administration supplied weapons to Iran, in hopes of securing the release of American hostages held in Lebanon by Hezbollah terrorists loyal to the Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran's leader.
Timeline small square Westside community School District v. Mergens - The Mergens won the case. - Westside High School, a public secondary school that receives federal financial assistance, permits its students to join, on a voluntary basis, a number of recognized groups and clubs, all of which meet after school hours on school premises.
Timeline small square Reno v. ACUL -ACUL won the case. -All nine Justices of the Court voted to strike down anti-indecency provisions of the Communications Decency Act (the CDA), finding they violated the freedom of speech provisions of the First Amendment.
Timeline small square Mitchell v. Helms Mithcell won the case. -In an average year, about 30% of Chapter 2 funds spent in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, were distributed to Catholic or religious private schools.
Timeline small square Bush v. Gore -Gore won the case. - In a per curiam decision, the Court ruled that the Florida Supreme Court's method for recounting ballots was a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
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