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Battle%20of%20britain Battle of Britain Image
This was a battle betweem Britain and Germany, and it was fought by Air Force. This was the first major defeat Germany has gone through. Since Britain won this battle, Germany would not be able to invade Germany.
Pearl%20harbor Bombing of Pearl Harnor Inormation and Photo
The bombing of Pearl Harbor was during World War II. The Japanesse bombed Hawaii which angered Americans. President Roosevelt called December 7th , "A date that will live in infamy..." The day after America decalred War with the Axis powers, and became the Allies.
18876 Germans begin to deport Jews and Gypsies Image
Hitler had started the project of getting rid of all Jews in Germany. He has started to deport Jews and Gypsies from the Lodz ghetto to Chelmno.
Italy%20declares%20war%20on%20germany Italy declares war on Germany ImageInformation The government of Italy decides to join the Allies against Germany. Italy used to be allies with Germany, also called the Axis-power.
Majdanek Majdanek was liberated Information
Majdanek was a death camp in the country of Poland. It was one of the first concentartion camps to be liberated. The soldiers of the Soviet Union were the ones who liberated Majdanek. There was around 1.5 million people killed at this camp.
Himoshima First Atomic Bomb Image Resource
This was during WWI and Japan recently bombed Pearl Harbor. United States fights back by bombing an Army Control Station in Himoshima, Japan. Over 140,000 people died during the bombing.
Main%20court' International Military Tribunal passes judgment on major Nazi war criminals Image
In Nuremberg, Germany, eighteen men are convicted and eleven are sentenced to death.
Imagescaw19yyf The first US ballistic missile fired. The REAL image[Image](peacebuttons.info)
The first US ballistic missile fired on this day in history.An intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is a ballistic missile with a long range typically designed for nuclear-armed bombers having the remainder.
Flag of israel State of Isreal?? the REAL image
The United States and the Soviet Union recognize the State of Israel.
6708ph10 The mayor of St. Louis continued the trend by desegregating the community pools. Image
This resulted in race riots, and the pools were re-segregated. The courts later ordered the pools to be desegregated again.