Advancement of Firearms

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Timeline 1st May, 1364 First use of firearms
Timeline 1st May, 1380 Guns known throughout Europe
Timeline 1st May, 1400 Matchlock is created No longer does it rquire two poles to fire a weapon. The firing mechanism is on the weapon.
Timeline 1st May, 1498 Rifling Principle developed
Timeline 1st May, 1509 Invention of the Wheel lock Keeping something on fire is no longer required, But these are expensive.
Timeline 1st May, 1540 Rifling used in firearms Accuracy of firearms increses
Timeline First Real Flintlock Protected powder when the trigger was not pulled
Timeline Dueling pistols were fashionable
Timeline American Revolution
Timeline Percussion caps in general use Gunpowed was no longer exposed. It was held inside each individual bullet
Timeline Back action lock developed
Timeline Colt revolver first mass produced multishot revolver
Timeline First real shotguns
Timeline The Crimean War This was the last time muzzle loaded weapons were used in a war
Timeline First full rim-fire cartridge
Timeline Spencer Repeating Carbine patented 7 shots fired in 15 seconds used in mass quantities
Timeline Breech loaded weapons in wide use
Timeline American Civil War
Timeline Gatling gun developed
Timeline First cartridge pistol
Timeline Winchester Rifle developed
Timeline First effective double action pistol
Timeline First automatic pistol