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The Beckoning of Lovely

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070929 flip 1 Read about FLIP camera in The New York Times The article summarized this new and very different kind of digital video camera in this way: "When good enough is good enough." I had never owned or even thought about owning a video camera before, but I was intrigued. I bought the Flip a few days later.
Glen marketa derry 2006 Inspired at "Once" concert Went to see Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from "Once" perform. They were incredible. During the show, the idea of creating a short video about random things I've made somehow popped into my mind. I found a piece of paper in my purse and scribbled down the title: "17 Things I Made".
Picture 2 "17 Things I Made" premieres on YouTube First video created with my new Flip camera. The video ends with this invitation: "On 8/8/08, at 8:08 pm I will be in front of "The Bean" sculpture at Millennium Park in Chicago. I will be holding a yellow umbrella. Come join me as we gather to make a cool 18th thing togther." TRUE: I did not yet know what we would do or make together on 8/8/08 . . . Nor did I own a yellow umbrella. LOOK HERE for the video.
Picture 3 The yellow umbrella night Much to my surprise, several hundred people showed up at "The Bean" that night. The experience proved to be a testament to the power of community, cooperation, and hope amongst strangers in the name of all things lovely. Also, we just had a blast. LOOK HERE: this is the one to watch.
Picture 4 The Beckoning of Lovely is launched on YouTube Using footage from the 8/8/08 event, I created the short film "The Beckoning of Lovely" along with filmmaker Steve Delahoyde. This film has become the heart of the project. At the end of this film we announce our idea of collaborating with the universe to make a feature film; specifically, we invite viewers to submit whatever lovely things they are out there making. (art, music, photography, poetry, etc.) The "lovely submissions" began pouring in immediately. LOOK HERE for the BOL film.
Ambassador of lovely 005 Ambassadors of Lovely Appointed I began appointing people that had a special interest in the BOL project as "Ambassadors of Lovely." All ambassadors received a BOL "goodie" bag that included a shiny Ambassador Badge, cards to hand out about the project, a poem and a sweet treat. Over 150 people have become Ambassadors of Lovely since the project began. LOOK HERE for the list.
Picture 6 Dear Universe . . . I sent out an invitation to the Universe, asking for applications to be one of fourteen key positions on the Beckoning of Lovely's "Next Phase Team." Over the next two months, I received hundreds of applications. LOOK HERE for the invitation.
Picture 8 A Mountain of Applications I receive the final applications for the Beckoning of Lovely's "Next Phase Team". Over two hundred people applied to help judge the "lovely submissions" or fill one of the other key positions on the Beckoning of Lovely team. It takes weeks to read through the applications, but the BOL team begins to take shape.
Picture 7 BOL Team Announcement After spending weeks reading over applications, the Beckoning of Lovely team is finalized. The following positions are filled: Secretary of Slate, Nice President, Department of Homeland Obscurity (Publicity), Senior Advise Her, Chief of Gaffe, Stuff-I-Dignitaries, Department of Energy (Teens), Department of Labor (Moms) and many more. Three panels of "Supremely Excellent Judges" are chosen to peruse the lovely submissions and pick their favorites. LOOK HERE for the full team.
Picture 9 The Story (so far) . . . I created a video on YouTube that recaps how the Beckoning of Lovely project has unfolded organically over the last several months. The film concludes with the announcement of our newly appointed BOL Team. This is the perfect video to watch in order to get an overall sense of the project from its beginning. LOOK HERE for the video.
Picture 12 "Lovely Submissions" Selected After going through 400+ submissions from people all over the globe, our three panels of Supremely Excellent Judges pick their favorite submissions that will be incorporated into the feature length Beckoning of Lovely film. A very special thanks to the 27 judges for their hard work, and to everyone who submitted something lovely!
Picture 10 Spring Tour '09 - The Beckoning of Lovely Way I playfully announce my 11-city Beckoning of Lovely Spring tour through a video on YouTube. Tour stops include: Portland, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston and New York I ask for volunteers to help individualize each city's BOL event by either being the opening act, photographing, video taping or promoting the event. First stop . . . Portland! LOOK HERE for the fun tour video.
Picture 11 "60 Minutes of Lovely" - Portland At certain cities along the tour, I led official Beckoning of Lovely events called "60 Minutes of Lovely." These gatherings were a natural extension of the Beckoning of Lovely project and film. They embraced the idea of celebrating creativity and randomness amongst a gathering of strangers. LOOK HERE for a collection of photos from all the BOL events across the country.
Bol01 "60 Minutes of Lovely" - Houston We had, well, a lovely evening at Blue Willow Books in Houston. I could attempt to describe the evening, but I think Karen Walrond's photos and blogging about the event is a great way to summarize the evening we spent together. LOOK HERE to see what the event was all about.
Bol wamy "60 Minutes of Lovely" - Los Angeles Our "60 Minutes of Lovely" event at Anne Carmack's studio in Los Angeles was an inspiring and beautiful night. Art, poetry, music by Emily Wells, good companionship . . . just a fantastic evening. LOOK HERE for a description of the event at
Obamabirthdayxy0 Obama's 100th day in Office (and my Birthday) I celebrate my 44th birthday on our 44th president's 100th day in office.
3547017965 fce4d52e1d o "60 Minutes of Lovely" - Chicago Friends, family and strangers joined together at my hometown of Chicago's "60 Minutes of Lovely" event. We gathered in the beautiful and spacious Julius Meinl Warehouse, with musical performances by Nick Gage, Ned Mower, Tony Rogers, Susie Marcus and Laura Daughtry. LOOK HERE for pictures from the Chicago event, courtesy of Tracy Miller.
3551746328 e204c0b107 "60 Minutes of Lovely" - Washington D.C. From MLK to Barack Obama to The Beckoning of Lovely . . . The steps of the Lincoln Memorial were the stage for the final "60 Minutes of Lovely" event. Wonderfully organized by Rebecca Goodstein on a beautiful spring day. LOOK HERE for a nice recap of the event at Wild and Crazy Pearl.
2ubolvideo 2 U from The Beckoning of Lovely Amazingly, it's been over a year since this project began. We are slowing progressing in the creation of a full lenghth Beckoning of Lovely film. I created and launched a video on YouTube to ask the Universe to help fund the B.O.L. feature-film. My (perhaps naive) idea is to fund the project by collecting just two dollars from every who in intrigued by the film. LOOK HERE for the video. CLICK HERE to donate.
Bol website New Website Launched We excitedly launched our website at We'll let it speak for itself . . . The Website:
90909 9/09/09 One year, one month and one day after we filmed the Beckoning of Lovely on 8/08/08, I quietly returned to "The Bean" in Millennium Park. Without notice or fanfare, I held up a sign that read: "I truly want you to have a lovely day. Here are some things I can give you to make your day lovely: basil from my garden - an origami paper crane - a couple bucks - a hug - a kiss - a musical serenade - advice - directions - a moment of peace" LOOK HERE for the video!
Images 1 "Lovely Submission" Finalists Announced We received over 500 “lovely submissions” from around the world in all categories of creations. The work was reviewed by three separate panels of Supremely Excellent Judges; after careful tallying and much contemplation, the 70 winning "lovely submission" finalists are announced. LOOK HERE for the full list.
90909 2 The Beckoning of Lovely: One Year Later Filmmaker Steve Delahoyde and I complete and launch on YouTube the short video which was shot on 9/09/09 at "The Bean" in Millennium Park. The video captures my quiet return to "The Bean" to honor and celebrate all that has happened with this project in the last year, month and a day. HERE is what happened.
Heartsoul A "Duet with the Universe" I invite you to film yourself playing the right-hand side of the famous piano duet "Heart and Soul". These "duets with the universe" will appear in the final feature film! To access the video and play along, CLICK HERE.
Singalong Sing with the Beckoning of Lovely I invite you to sing along to the song "We're Here Because We're Here . . . " from the original Beckoning of Lovely film. We will assemble all the clips together to create a "global chorus" which will appear in the final feature film. To sing along, CLICK HERE!
Picture 12 Guest DJ appearance on LA's KCRW I hit the airwaves as the Guest DJ on LA's KCRW, a public radio station that features cutting edge music and cultural programs nationwide. (it's a really cool radio station) I feature music from the Beckoning of Lovely films, including Nick Gage, the Scattered Trees and the Smoking Popes. LOOK HERE to see what songs I picked!
Beckoningdance Dance with the Beckoning of Lovely We're creating a GLOBAL DANCE NUMBER for the final feature film! Today, we launched a video to teach the Beckoning of Lovely dance to the universe. Film yourself and send the clip to GET OUT YOUR DANCING SHOES! Choreographed, performed and filmed by Jennifer Li Jackson. CLICK HERE for the video!
101010 10/10/10 at 10:10 pm Two years, two months, two days, two hours and two minutes after the original Beckoning of Lovely event, we returned to The Bean in Millennium Park, Chicago. CLICK HERE for the video.