Sarah Ann Pool Pinyerd

Timeline created by lindee
  • Birth

    Born to Sampson Frum Pool and Sarah Ann Harner, Monongalia County, West Virginia.
  • Marriage

    Married John A. Pinyerd/Pinyard in Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia at the home of Sarah's uncle, Joseph Harner.
  • Residence: Clinton District, Monongalia County, West Virginia

    Sarah is enumerated with her cousin, Charles Wesley Pool. She is living on a farm, which she owns free of mortgage. She lists no children living or dead.
  • Birth of a child

    This is a date I made up as I have no birth record for the baby born to John A. and Sarah Pinyerd. I have heard that they had a daughter who died young and from somewhere I have the name as Violet L. Pinyerd.
  • Residence; Fourth Street, North Charleroi, Pennsylvania

    Sarah lists that she has had one child who is now not alive. John is listed as a engineer on a boat and Sarah is listed as a nurse. They own the house free and clear of a mortgage.
  • Sarah advertised a house for rent

    Six room house at Lock No. 4, two squares from car line on paved street. Finished attic, cement cellar and wired for electric light. Inquire Mrs. Pinyard. Lock 4, or call on local phone 219.
  • Member of the Victory Knitting Club, North Charleroi, Pennsylvania

    Member and hostess
  • Residence: Fourth Street, North Charleroi, Pennsylvania

    John is listed as a steamboat engineer and Sarah is a nurse working at home.
  • Pinyerd Private Hospital

    First mention of Sarah's maternity hospital which she had in her house in North Charleroi, Pennsylvania. Final mention was March 1, 1939.
  • Membership in the Home and Hospital Club, North Charleroi, Pennsylvania

    Active membership.. Mentioned in the newspaper from 1924- 1925. Often Sarah entertained the group in her home.
  • Appointed to Advisory Committee for Hospital Building Fund Campaign

  • Generous donation to the Home and Hospital Club

    Sarah gave $48.00 to the club.
  • Contributed to the local Orphans Fund

    Listed in the local newspaper.
  • Ran for School Director and City Council

    Lost both elections.
  • Attended the annual Pool Family Reunion, Morgantown, West Virginia

  • Contributor to the Flood Relief

    Donated $5.00
  • Attended the annual Pool Family Reunion in Morgantown, West Virginia

  • Annual Pool Family Reunion, Morgantown,West Virginia

    Sarah drove to Morgantown with Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Shanks and son, Billy.
  • Residence: 518 Fourth Street, North Charleroi, Pennsylvania

    John is listed as a marine engineer and Sarah as a nurse in a maternity hospital. The family of Samuel N. Shank must be renting rooms in the house.
  • Pinyerd Maternity Home

    In the 1930'a referred to as the Pinyerd Maternity Home.
  • Membership in the Needlecraft Club

    Member and hostess for the meetings.
  • Final newspaper mention of the Pinyerd Maternity Home

  • Donation to the Charleroi Fire Department Ambulance Fund

    Sarah donated $5.00
  • Patient at Pugh Nursing Home, Morgantown, West Virginia

  • Death

    Died at Charleroi-Monessen Hospital, North Charleroi, Washington County, Pennsylvania.
  • Burial

    Mt. Union Cemetery, Monongalia County, West Virginia. Cremated. No grave marker.