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Events leading up to World War One

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Timeline small square Guarantee of Belgium Neutrality – This document guaranteed that France, Russia, Prussia, Austria and Great Britain would recognize Belgium as an independent and neutral country
Timeline small square -10 May 1971, The Franco-Prussian War breaks out, Prussia emerges victorious. This heightens tensions between France and Prussia.
Timeline small square The German Empire is created out of Prussia. Kaiser Wilhelm I takes the throne.
Timeline small square France was obligated to sign a degrading treaty with Germany to officially end the war.
Timeline small square 1879: The Dual Alliance was an Austro-German treaty which stated that the countries would support each other if Russia were to wage war on them
Timeline small square Three Emperor's League– The original alliance between Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia was secretly renewed.
Timeline small square Austro-Serbian Alliance – Austria-Hungary made an alliance with Serbia because they wanted to soothe tensions of the Slavic peoples
Timeline small square The Triple Alliance- this secret agreement was established between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy to state that the three countries would come to each other’s aid if attacked.
Timeline small square The Austro-Romanian Alliance –This alliance strengthened both countries, especially Austria-Hungary because they already had an alliance with Russia and Germany Year specified; Day and month not specified
Timeline small square -1885, The Berlin Conference - This conference was held to divide Africa up into sections that European countries colonized. Many countries involved in World War One attended. Years specified; Day and month not specified
Timeline small square Tsar Nicholas was crowned king of Russia – This gave Russia the King that would start their involvement in World War One. He was Cousins with the Czar and King George V – hear to the British Throne.
Timeline small square Wilhelm II becomes Emperor of Germany – This gave Germany the Kaiser that would initiate their involvement in World War One.
Timeline small square - 1913, The Anglo-German Naval Race – The English and the Germans start to focus on strengthening their naval fleets. Years specified; Day and month not specified
Timeline small square The Franco-Russian Alliance – This alliance assured both countries support from the other if attacked by the Triple Alliance
Timeline small square Queen Victoria dies, King George V takes over. This king would see Britain through World War One.
Timeline small square The Entente Cordiale- An agreement made to form friendship and understanding between Britain and France.
Timeline small square -2 Jan 1905, The Russo-Japanese War- Japan destroyed the entire Russian army which surprised the rest of the world and humiliated Russia.
Timeline small square The Anglo-Russian Agreement.- Great Britain and Russia agreed to leave Persia alone as a neutral country.
Timeline small square he Triple Entente – Russia joined Britain and France from the Entente Cordiale to form the Triple Entente in fear of Germany’s rising power. The Anglo-Russian entente lead to this.
Timeline small square Austria-Hungary annexes Bosnia which was formerly under control of the Ottoman Empire.
Timeline small square -Oct 1912, Turkish-Italian War.- Also known as the The Tripolitan War. Conflict between the Ottoman Turks and the Italians
Timeline small square - 30 May 1913, The First Balkan War.- A war between Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. Turkey lost and lost all of its European ‘possessions’.
Timeline small square Anglo-French Naval Agreement- An agreement that promised Britain’s protection of French coastlines from German attack. The French agreed to protect the Suez Canal in return. Year and month specified; Day no specified
Timeline small square Woodrow Wilson sworn in as US president. This gave the United Staes the President that would see them through the war.
Timeline small square -31 July 1913, The Second Balkan War.- Bulgaria wanted more territory, so they fought with their allies to get it. Romania got Bulgarian capital Sofia. Bulgaria lost Adrianople to Turkey.
Timeline small square Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian activist. Most people state that this is what started World War I.