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Saint thomas 1790 sewing machine First sewing machine was patented by Thomas Saint He was an Englishman, and he built his sewing machine during the first industrial revolution. It was meant to sew leather and canvas, but a working model was never built.
800px kazakh rug chain stitch embroidery Australian tailor, Josef Madersperger, presented his first machine It took him seven years to put this one together, which imitated a human hand, and in 1839 he came out with another which imitated the weaving process using chain stitch.
Thimonnier machine Walter hunt invented the lockstitch machine He eventually lost interest in his machine and sold it without patenting it.
Dor2010 0900 225px John Greenough patented the first machine in the US
Elias howe sewing machine 288x300 Elias Howe gets his first patent
Singer Singer was granted his first American patent He used many other manufacturer's ideas and put together a foot pedal, which was also told to be patented. When Howe saw Singer's machine he claimed it was very similar to his and Singer lost his case and had to pay Howe $1.15 per machine sold.
Ts Howe returns to America and finds people infringing his patent Among them, Isaac Singer, and many others. Howe won his case and was granted the right to claim royalties from the manufacturers who used his idea.
Timeline Sewing Machine combination was formed Consisted of Singer, Howe, Wheeler and Wilson, and Grover and Baker. These four companies had to obtain a license and pay $15 per machine.
Wilcx001 James Gibbs creates first chain-stitch single-thread He was also partners with James Willcox and they had the Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Company which is still around today.
00000 Helen Blanchard patented the first zig-zag stitch machine
518mhzfun4l  sl500 aa300 Merrow invents first crochet stitch machine
Timeline Sewing machine combination ends Last patents expired on machines
200px merrow old machine Merrow wins lawsuit against Willcox & Gibbs for the rights of the original crochet stitch
Timeline Electric sewing machines are now in wide usage
Toyota sewing machine%5b6%5d Toyota built their first sewing machine Mr.Toyota said that home-use products must be functional yet beautiful
Uo portable sewing machine red Singer made the first portable sewing machine Now widely used, usually under 11 pounds and run on batteries.
Tuftingmc Orisol introduced the first industrialized sewing machine to the shoe-making world