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The History of the Hot Air Balloon!

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Timeline small square model! Bartholomeu de Gusmao Portuguese Jesuit pater built the first hot air balloon model
Timeline small square un-manned balloon flight a hydrogen balloon built by Jaçques A. C. Charles flew 15 feet with no one inside. it was called the Globe
Timeline small square a duck, sheep and a rooster?!? a scientist named Pilatre De Rozier,launched 'Aerostat Reveillon'. it was the first hot air baloond.it carried a sheep, a duck, and a rooster and floated for 15 min and then crashed.
Timeline small square the birth of hot air ballooning Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier rode the first baloon that aloud passangers. they were on it in the air for 20 min.
Timeline small square Flight of Balloon James Satler flew and designed the first British balloon.
Timeline small square Pilatre de Rozier Pilatre de Rozier, was the world's first balloonist. he died when his balloon exploded while attempting to cross the english channel.
Timeline small square English Channel Flight A French balloonist, Jean Pierre Blanchard, and his co pilot, John Jefferies were the first historians to fly across the English Channel in a gas balloon. They were carrying the first airmail.
Timeline small square north american flight! Jean Pierre Blanchardflew the first balloon in north america. president George Washington was able to see this piece of history.
Timeline small square 52,498 feet!! Auguste Piccard made the first flight in a hot air balloon to reach the stratosphere. he set a new record of 52,498 feet.
Timeline small square helpless for 10 min an 11 year old boy Danny Nowellgot his hand caught by a hot air balloon and was in the air for 10 min.
Timeline small square flight over the alps a british man named Donald A. Cameron flew the first hot air baloon across the Alps.
Timeline small square death of a strong woman the first U.S. techer and first U.S. woman balloon pilot died. her name was Jeannette Ridlon Piccard
Timeline small square flight over the Atlantic Richard Branson and per Lindstand were the first travleres to fly over the Atlantic ocean in a hot air balloon
Timeline small square 4th attempt Steve Fossett made the 4th attempt to go around the world in a balloom
Timeline small square south atlantic! Steve Fossett made the first flight to cross the south atlantic in a hot air ballloon
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Hot Air Balloon History