The History of the Hot Air Balloon!

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  • model!

    Bartholomeu de Gusmao Portuguese Jesuit pater built the first hot air balloon model
  • un-manned balloon flight

    a hydrogen balloon built by Jaçques A. C. Charles flew 15 feet with no one inside. it was called the Globe
  • a duck, sheep and a rooster?!?

    a scientist named Pilatre De Rozier,launched 'Aerostat Reveillon'. it was the first hot air carried a sheep, a duck, and a rooster and floated for 15 min and then crashed.
  • the birth of hot air ballooning

    Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier rode the first baloon that aloud passangers. they were on it in the air for 20 min.
  • Flight of Balloon

    James Satler flew and designed the first British balloon.
  • Pilatre de Rozier

    Pilatre de Rozier, was the world's first balloonist. he died when his balloon exploded while attempting to cross the english channel.
  • English Channel Flight

    A French balloonist, Jean Pierre Blanchard, and his co pilot, John Jefferies were the first historians to fly across the English Channel in a gas balloon. They were carrying the first airmail.
  • north american flight!

    Jean Pierre Blanchardflew the first balloon in north america. president George Washington was able to see this piece of history.
  • 52,498 feet!!

    Auguste Piccard made the first flight in a hot air balloon to reach the stratosphere. he set a new record of 52,498 feet.
  • helpless for 10 min

    an 11 year old boy Danny Nowellgot his hand caught by a hot air balloon and was in the air for 10 min.
  • flight over the alps

    a british man named Donald A. Cameron flew the first hot air baloon across the Alps.
  • death of a strong woman

    the first U.S. techer and first U.S. woman balloon pilot died. her name was Jeannette Ridlon Piccard
  • flight over the Atlantic

    Richard Branson and per Lindstand were the first travleres to fly over the Atlantic ocean in a hot air balloon
  • 4th attempt

    Steve Fossett made the 4th attempt to go around the world in a balloom
  • south atlantic!

    Steve Fossett made the first flight to cross the south atlantic in a hot air ballloon
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    Hot Air Balloon History