Mobile County Public School Calendar 2011-2012

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Untitled 1 Board Approval of Longer Holidays The Mobile County Public School Board has cleared and made a few major adjustments to scheduling for next school year; mainly Thanksgiving 2011 and Mardi Gras 2012.
First day of school 1st Day of School All Images Courtesy of Google
Laborday Holiday for Labor Day
4960060571 c6eff07049 z 1st Quarter Ends
Veterans day 2009 Holiday for Veterans Day All Images Courtesy of Google
Looney tunes thanksgiving Holiday for Thanksgiving This is now a full week off. From November 21st through the 25th 2011 this will be considered a Fall Break.
Merry christmas happy new year santa Holiday-Christmas and New Year's Break and 2nd Quarter Ends This Holiday break will be the same length as it has always been. It will be from December 21st through January 2nd.
Martin luther king jr  day Holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday All Images Courtesy of Google
Happy mardi gras4 Holiday for Mardi Gras & Presidents ' Day According to the new board approval Mardi Gras Holiday has been extended to a full week off from classes. The dates for this holiday will be from February 20th through the 24th of 2012.
3rdquarterpiechart 3rd Quarter Ends
Spring break green beach sunglasses photo SPRING BREAK Spring Break is as usual and a week long from April 16th through the 20th.
Memorial day Holiday for Memorial Day All Images Courtesy of Google
The end 2 450x339 Last Day of School The last day for school in 2012 will be 1 week later than 2011. Mark your calendars...Thats all Folks!