Cristiano Ronaldo Major Events

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Bpa free baby bottle alternatives 1 Ronaldo is Born Cristiano Ronaldo is born in Madeira, Portugal.
Eaeb97f34ef224c8018cfe4108139898 sporting lisbon Ronaldo makes his career debut with Sporting Lisbon Ronaldo plays in his first professional game as a 17 year old with Sporting Lisbon. Note* There was not a documented date of the actual game, so i used september 1 as a reasonable date in 2002.
Images Signs with Manchester United Cristiano signs a 12.24 million transfer from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United. This is where his career really begins to take off.
Euro2004 Plays in the Euro 2004 final, and loses to Greece After the game, he is caught crying for all the cameras to see, as Portugal loses a heartbreaking game, 1-0, to Greece.
How to pour beer bottle and draught aka draft o Ronaldo's Dad Dies Cristiano Ronaldo's father dies of an alchohol related-liver condition. Ronaldo is only 20 at the time, and his brother is hooked on drugs, so it is a rough time.
Cristianoronaldo Named FIFA Player of the Year At a Gala Ceremony in Zurich, FIFA announces that he is the FIFA Player of the Year.
Barclays premier league logo Wins Barclays Premier League Along with fellow Manchester United players, Ronaldo wins the Barclays Premier League when they tie Arsenal 0-0, makeing them win the title based on the points.
Real madrid 1 1600x1200 Signs with Real Madrid Ronaldo signs a record breaking bid on 80 million from Real Madrid.
Baby%20home%20frame Ronaldo becomes a father with Irina Shayk Ronaldo's wife, Irina, has their baby Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. It is Ronaldo's first child.