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Timeline Samantha Hospitalized Found hospital Bracelet in my baby book, grandfather says it was for drugs and mental. Diagnosed as Bipolar at this time supposedly. Luthern Hospital Dr King.
Timeline Jo's Birth I was Born 2-3-1985 in Mary Greely Hospital in Ames Iowa to Samantha Miller and David Miller
Timeline Ashley's Birth Ashley was born in Mary Greeley Hospital on March 12 1986 in Ames iowa to Samantha Miller and David Miller
Timeline Theresa's Birth Theresa Born at Mary Greeley Hospital July 5th, 1987 in Ames, IA to Samantha Miller and David Miller
Timeline Christmas 1987 David told Theresa was not his.
Timeline Sam VS David Divorce
Timeline Children brought to work April 11-15th children were brought to work by Samantha so she could watch them.
Timeline Children Left unattended Children left unattended for 48 hours
Timeline Birthday Call 2:09 am Samantha had the children call David so as to wish him a Happy Birthday.
Timeline Summer Visitation Arrived for summer visitation with Dave and Laurie, after prearrangements had been made for swimming lessons children arrived with no swim suits, socks, jackets, 1 pair of shoes each, 1 summer outfit for theresa only, 1 church outfit for theresa only, and a few poorly maintained articles of clothing for Ashley and JoAnna.
Timeline End of summer visitation Samantha insisted that children miss prearranged swimming lessons to return home for the weekend. After sever phone arguements, Samantha arrived in Sioux City at 2:45 am to retrieve children, thuus cutting the visitation short. Visitation was suppose to extend until the 26th.
Timeline Employees Call David Miller Employees from Samantha's job called to inform David Miller that Sam had her daughter, JoAnna, bussing tables for her at Happy Chef in Story City.
Timeline No Call No Show Samantha agreed to a visitation the weekend of February 7, 1992. No call no show.
Timeline Another no call no show Samantha agreed again to a visitation for the weekend of February 22nd. She again did not show up by allotted time. When called, the babysitter answered and said she had just headed to work.
Timeline Stopped to drop off gifts. David and Laurie stopped to drop off birthday gifts to children as a surprise, but no one was home. gifts left at doorstep.
Timeline Presents deposited elsewhere Gifts left for children were thrown into David's parent's yard.
Timeline Explaination of gifts Samantha calls after midnight to David to argue about birthday parties and tell him the children elected to not open their gifts until they were told why he did not attend their borthday parties. A follow up call was made to David's Parent's to arrange a time for them to visit with the girls.
Timeline No call no show again Were supposed to have visitation weekend of March 21st. Another no call, no show.
Timeline Not allowed contact David and Laurie tried to call Davids mothers house to speak with the children. were not permitted to because of Samantha's rules.
Timeline Drinks between Sam, Laurie, Dave, and Babysitter Samantha, current husband and teenage nanny arrive in Sioux city. Invite Dave and Laurie for drinks. Went to '57 Chevy bar. Laurie confronted Samantha after Sam started inquiring about Laurie to her friends. Sam admitted to having a drinking problem, having to get a nanny because she couldnt stand to be home with her children and making sure the children had a poor attitude toward Dave. Several Witnesses. Sam also offered to pay, paid with checks, then closed the account.
Timeline Letter from Samantha to Dave lists name as Poortinga Miller. Nevada IA. Mostly details out how horrible of a husband Dave is. Said had cancer year before, had to have full hysterectomy. and asking for regular visitation, and thanking them for always paying child support.
Timeline Ocseola Phone records show Dave called children while they were living in Ocseola, IA
Timeline Neveda Phone Records show Dave called children when they were living in Neveda, IA
Timeline Sam and Greg married in Las Vegas Samantha went to Las Vegas on a vacation and came back with a husband.
Timeline Sam VS John Abuse Case
Timeline Custody overhaul New visitation rights were overhauled giving Dave more visitation rights and judgement is settled for past due child support.
Timeline Letter from Midge to Laurie letter tells laurie that divorce was finalized between John and samantha on 1/25/93 and the outcome. some parts of the divorce papers enclosed.
Timeline Dental Appointment cancelled Due to sam refusing to take the children to dentist, appointment was made during summer visitation. had to be cancelled because samantha retrieved the children early
Timeline Suicide letter Undated, estimated time frame. Suicide letter from attempt made by Samantha. One to greg, one willing the children to David Miller, one to the children, one specifically to JoAnna
Timeline Letter from Midge to Laurie letter details David signing adoption papers for John to adopt children but sam never filed them. He was under the impression Theresa was his daughter.John Pleaded guilty to the abuse charges filed against him, and bargained for a lesser charge..
Timeline Sam and Greg Bankruptcy
Timeline House Fire, Neveda JoAnna only one at home, Samantha arrived to find house filled with smoke. JoAnna taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. Moved to Oklahoma VERY shortly after that in the middle of the night.
Timeline request of school records. Request of School records made my David Miller, Samantha disappeared and David had trouble finding the children, as Samantha moved them out of state (Oklahoma)
Timeline Paternity Test Paternity test shows John to not be the father of Theresa
Timeline Letter From Samantha to David Letter appologizing to David for a previous phone conversation. Then the letter turns to a rant about how amazing of a mother she is and how she trained the children to not care whether or not David cared. Asking him to answer questions the children had. Also details out threats made for a custody fight. Discusses David's willingness to let children be adopted. Details out intimate details of other husbands in her bedroom. Discusses her digust at him physically.blames him for her drug addict
Timeline Letter from Sam to Dave Letter from sam to dave. only had some articles from some religious periodical photocopied to it with a verse taped to the outside.
Timeline Letter from JoAnna to David From Lawton, Ok
Very angry letter from JoAnna (9 years old was about beginning of depression for JoAnna)
Timeline Letter from Sam to Dave using name Taylor address in Lawton, OK Details out things Samantha has told to JoAnna in regards to her fatherShe blames everyone possible for anything possible.
Timeline Letter from Dave to Children Letter from Dave to Children asking for contact information as their phone had been disconnected. Also providing his own contact information because he had moved.
Timeline Returned Borthday Card Address at:
203 NE Angus
Lawton, OK 73507
no longer valid, address vacant, no forwarding address. Birthday card for Theresa returned to David Miller
Timeline Another Fax from Samantha Another Fax from Samantha responding to Davids request for a visitation. Last name taylor.
Timeline Faxes from Samantha Taylor Faxes from Samantha Taylor from her office at Home Market Realty Detailing out schedule for setting vacation later in the year. Offered to pay for the trip so that she could go on her own vacation.
Timeline Another Fax Another fax sent from Samantha's office at Home Market realty gives a new home phone number. Samantha has divorced and is no longer Taylor, went back to using the name Miller. Gives a home address of 139 NE Dunlop, Lawton, OK 73507.
Details out how Sam and the children were busy roofing to make up for theother husband stealing all of our money and possessions.
Timeline Sam VS Allen Divorce
Timeline Birthday card returned Address at:
139 NE Dunlop
Lawton, OK 73507 no longer a valid address, returned to David Miller.
Timeline Letter from David Miller to Samantha David sent a message to samantha asking if her and the children had moved or if they had a new phone number as he called to Wish JoAnna a Happy Birthday and the phone was disconnected. he also asked if JoAnna recieved her Birthday Card.
Timeline Card and letter to David Vicious card and letter to david sent from Witchita Falls texas from Samantha. David asked for updated pictures and in return got a letter accusing him of trying to avoid child support and stating she will not call him again. Says John helps out. discusses a visit Dave and family made to visit in Lawton, OK. Tells him to stay out of their lives.
Timeline Letter From Ashley to David Letter from Wichita Falls, TX
Telling David the children do not hate him and talking about things.
Timeline Letter from Ashley to David From Wichita Falls Tx. Appears to be forgery in comparison to other letters./ Details out Laurie disliking Samantha and a new husband, Phillip and a trip to Six Flags. Discusses Samanthas stroke after divorce from Allen. Includes strange picture.
Timeline Letter from Dave to Children Letter from Dave to Children trying to set minds at ease and explain situations, also in hopes of arranging summer visitation.
Timeline Letter from Sam to Dave Wichita Falls post mark, last name taylor. asking for them to benice to each other and work together for a common goal of making the children lives better.
Timeline moved from witchita Fals, TX Moved from Texas to Del City, OK.
Timeline Letter from Ashley to Dave Letter from Ashley from Del City, OK
Details why David should be around more.
Timeline Letter from Ashley to David Written in Del City, OK
Letter requests everyone getting along so children can see David more often.
Timeline Letter from Sam to David Letter addressed from Del City, yet using last name Taylor again. Tells how the children are doing in school. talks about missing snow, and a visit to Wisconsin to see Dave, that Ashley loved it. States Happy Thanksgiving. Undated, so I a assumed around late november and guessed approx on the year.
Timeline Letter from Sam to Dave From Del City Ok, details out christmas trip sent with John to Kentucky.
Timeline undated letter to Laurie from Sam Letter from Sam to Laurie Apologizing for being mean to her, then telling her the bible saved her. Married to phillip. Mostly religious garbage. Does not make much sense.
Timeline Forged letter to David From Del City, OK. Samantha forges a letter to David from JoAnna accusing Joleen of buying christmas gifts instead of David, as well as David slapping her. Accusing David of affairs and calling Davids ex wife a slut. Accusing Joleen of trying to get sam to abort JoAnna and detailing samantha overcoming her addictions and some of samanthas prior abuse. Sober 4 years. detailing out a suicide attempt. says john pays davids child support after sams stroke previous year. Sam married to phillip.
Timeline Letter from Sam to laurie Letter From Farm in Vici, OK (arnett) Last name Boswell
Could not find what was enclosed but the back says to please read Matthew 7:1-29 of the bible.
Timeline Phillip Vs Sam Abuse
Timeline Sam Vs Phillip Abuse
Timeline Date David recieved DNA test results Samantha sends Dave test results showing John is not Theresa's Father
Timeline Sam Boswell gets ticket in Urbandale Sam Boswell gets ticket in Urbandale, showing she was up here instead of at the farm.
Timeline Letter to Dave from Sam Letter from Urbandale address, back to using the name Boswell. Discusses how god saved everyone and how the past held alot of pain but her and her family were above that.
Timeline 16th Birthday Party Jo Caught smoking, beaten with board from 8 am until 1 pm. when friends arrived for party, they had to clean the wounds that spanned from middle of back down to knees. several witnesses.
Timeline JoAnna sent back to Vici Day after 16th Birthday, JoAnna was once again removed from her home and sent to Vici, OK to the "farm" by Samantha. House was empty except one room, which was padlocked. Expectations were $200 a month rent, the care of all animals and property and straight a's in school. Julie moved in as roomate.
Timeline Sam Requests removal from Abuse Registry
Timeline JoAnna taken back to Iowa JoAnna forced to move to urbandale. Shortly after, Samantha moved to farm, leaving children in Iowa
Timeline Jo Hospitalized Anorexic, Cutting, Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks
Timeline David Notified of Abuse case
Timeline Child abuse founded, sam on registry
Timeline Sam Roy gets ticket in Urbandale Sam Roy gets a ticket in urbandale, showing she was up here instead of at the farm. (last name should not have been Roy, as she was already divorced from Terry Roy and remarried to John Poortinga)
Timeline Graduated High School Urbandale high School
Timeline Discharged from Army
Timeline Gillian Born
Timeline TJ VS Sam TJ takes nathan back
Timeline Theresa's Name Change Theresa changes her name from Miller to Poortinga
Timeline Start work for Carmike Cinemas
Timeline Sam and John Divorce Again Sam and John Poortinga divorce again
Timeline Sam vs John Sam accuses John of breaking onto her current residence and harming animals
Timeline Sam speeding ticket Last name already FRY
Timeline Left Pete
Timeline Met Mick
Timeline Engaged to Mick
Timeline Married Mick
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School records show JoAnna at Vici Schools

School records JoAnna's School records show she was moved in the middle of the first quarter to Urbandale schools, then removed again in the beginning of the third quarter.

School Records School records show that JoAnna Audited classes during this year. Same year as hospitalization. Moved in the middle of the first quarter to urbandale again.

Samantha moved to Oklahoma At this point, Samantha moved herself to Oklahoma, travelling back to Urbandale once a month or so to check on children. John left as supervisor. JoAnna worked for Nova Cinemas, refusing to come home because of threats made by John.

Kicked out of farm and Urbandale house Friend died, refused to mow yard as to attend funeral, was kicked from farm and told not allowed around Urbandale house either or near sibilings. Cashed in savings bonds for motel nights in between nights where friends would allow me to stay with them.