Lou Gehrig

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Timeline Henry Louis Gehrig is born to Christina and Heinrich Gehrig in New York City.
Timeline Gehrig's high school team wins a game against Tech Lane High School The game was played at Chicago's Wrigley Field in front of 20,000 spectators. Gehrig hit a grand slam out of the Major League ballpark., and Commerce High School won 8-6.
Timeline Lou Gehrig graduates from Commerce High School
Timeline Lou Gehrig enrolls at Columbia University
Timeline Lou Gehrig plays his first game as a memeber of the Yankees
Timeline Lou Gehrig wins the World Series for the first time.
Timeline Gehrig becomes the first player to hit 4 home runs in one game In a game against the Philadelphia Athletics
Timeline Lou Gehrig marries Eleanor Twitchell
Timeline Lou Gehrig takes himself out of the lineup after his 2,130 consecutive game
Timeline Gehrig arrives at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for testing He spends six days there before receiving a diagnosis
Timeline Gehrig receives his diagnosis of Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
Timeline The Yankees announce Gehrig's retirement.
Timeline Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day is held at Yankee Stadium. Lou makes his famous "Luckiest Man" speech.
Timeline Lou Gehrig is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
Timeline Lou Gehrig dies of Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis
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The Life of Lou Gehrig