Inventions from 1870-1900

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Timeline Alternating Current The movement of electic charge causes the machine to reverse direction, the electric charge only moves one way.the inventor was George Westinghouse.!
Timeline Bessemer Process Sir Henry: was the inventor of the Bessemer Process.
It removes impurities from the iron because of oxidation, air was blown through the molten, iron. Oxidation rises the tempature so it stays molten.
Timeline Barb Wire Fencing made with sharp edges used to keep people insecured areas so if they try to excape it hurts and gets stuck in your skin...Inventor Lucien B. Smith
Timeline Metal Windmill J.S Risdon inventor!
Runs on energy generated by a wheel of adjustable blades or slats rotated by the wind!
Timeline Incandsecent Light Bulb Heats a metal filament wire to a high tempature then it turns on..
inventor: Robert Friedal, and Paul Israel
Timeline Metal Detecor Inventor: Alexander Graham Bell
Detects Metallic weapons and other metals
Significant- in a secure building they'll always be proctected.
Timeline Maxim Gun inventor: Sir Hirman Maxim
Uses energy from the ejcect the bullet.
Timeline Air Brakes a brake that uses compressed air, used in locomotives,Large vehicles, and aricrafts. Inventor: George Westinghouse.
Timeline Radio Inventor: Guglielmo Marconi
Electromagnetic wave that have capacity to transmit sound through the air its tied in with the telegraph and telephone.
Timeline Asprin Acetylsalicylic acid helps cure minor pains, headaches,and fevers. Inventor: Felix Hoffman