10 Inventions of the Renaissance

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Jan 1st, 0850
Invention of the Gunpowder Gunpowder was invented around 850 A.D.In the seventeenth century the gun was developed by the English and Dutch armies.
Jan 1st, 1300
Invention of the Mechanical Clock The mechanical clock was invented in the 1300s there-fore the clock was started to be measured in 24 hours.Galileo discovered the pendulum in the clock in 1581.
Jan 1st, 1456
Invention of the Printing Press In 1456 the printing press was invented by Gutenberg.There-fore people were able to read more and have books.
Jan 1st, 1496
Invention of the Wallpaper In 1496 the first paper mill came into operation in England. Before wallpaper only rich people could decorate their castle.
Flush%20toilet Invention of the Flush Toilet Sir John Harrington made the first flush toilet for himself in 1596.Later Alexander Cummings reinvented the flush toilet called the water closet.
Telescope Invention of the Telescope In 1608 Hans Lippershey made the first telescope.In 1668 Isaac Newton made improvments to the telescope.
Microscope Invention of the Microscope The first useful microscope was developed in the Netherlands in between 1590 and 1608.The inventor was Hans Lippershey.
Rowboat Invention of the Leather Covered Rowboat In 1620 Cornelis Drebbel who was a Dutch inventor built a leather covered rowboat with oars. Drebbel was an engineer who worked for the British Navy.
Graded%20lenses Invention Of the Graded Lenses In 1623 the Spanish invented graded lenses improving the trial-and-error method of trying on different lenses until they had the best one to see.
Plunger%20closet Invention of the Plunger Closet In 1777 Samuel Prosser received a patent for a plunger closet.Year later Joseph Braham invented a valve at the bottom of the bowl.
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