World of Warships Swedish Navy

By JonCS29
  • HSwMS Klas Horn

    HSwMS Klas Horn
    A "standard" Swedish destroyer, commissioned as part of one of several ongoing series of destroyers that commenced in the late 1920s. The features that all the ships of this series shared were their high speeds, 120 mm Bofors main guns, and 533 mm torpedo tubes.
  • HSwMS Västerås

    HSwMS Västerås
    The design of a large, fast-moving, and well-armed destroyer, developed by Swedish shipbuilders for the Polish Navy. All of her main battery artillery was placed in twin mounts.
  • HSwMS Romulus

    HSwMS Romulus
    A Spica-class destroyer built for the Italian Navy and transferred to Sweden in 1940. The ship was notable for her compact dimensions and the peculiar arrangement of her torpedo tubes.
  • HSwMS Skåne

    HSwMS Skåne
    The design of a destroyer armed with dual-purpose main battery artillery. The ship served as a prototype for the Swedish Öland-class destroyers that were commissioned after World War II.
  • HSwMS Visby

    HSwMS Visby
    A further development of the "standard" destroyers of the Swedish Navy. The ship was faster than her predecessors, had a different main-gun-mount arrangement, and carried reinforced anti-aircraft armament.
  • HSwMS Öland

    HSwMS Öland
    A destroyer built on the basis of the experience gained during World War II. The ship's powerful AA defenses were provided by semi-automatic, dual-purpose main battery mounts and a large number of automatic AA guns.
  • HSwMS Östergötland