World of Warships Chinese Navy

By JonCS29
  • ROCS Shi An

    ROCS Shi An
    A light cruiser with reasonably good speeds for her time, but suffering from rather poor armament and armor. The ship could act as a scout and a destroyer flotilla leader. The cruisers of this class were the first ships in the U.S. Navy to feature turbine propulsion. They remained the only turbine cruisers in the U.S. Navy for a long time.
  • ROCS Jianwei

    ROCS Jianwei
    Developed in Britain, the design of this destroyer flotilla leader was offered to the Government of the Republic of China in 1929 (Project T.306), but it never materialized. The ship carried five main guns and two triple torpedo tubes.
  • ROCS Shenyang

    ROCS Shenyang
    Formerly the Japanese Minekaze-class destroyer Namikaze that had some distinctions from the lead ship of her class. She was transferred to the Republic of China Navy in 1947, with all Japanese armament being demounted.