Westward Expansion

Timeline created by Areli B.
In History
  • First European Settlement

    Europeans established the first European settlement in the region near what is now El Paso, Texas
  • Santa Fe was founded

    founded Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • France Claimed Mississippi Land

    France claimed the land drained by the Mississippi River
  • New Orleans

    New Orleans was founded
  • The Spanish Settled Some of The West

    the Spanish settled parts of California and Texas
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution ended
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson purchased the vast Louisiana Territory from France
  • Manifest Destiny

    Americans had come to believe in the idea of Manifest Destiny
  • Texas Annexation

    the United States annexed, or took control of, Texas
  • Gaining Control of New Land

    the United States gained control of what is now Oregon and Washington
  • Alaskan Purchase

    the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for just over $7 million