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Timeline of the toothbrush

  • 3500 BCE

    Chew sticks

    Chew sticks
    The earliest chew sticks were discovered in Sumer in southern Mesopotamia. Chew sticks were twigs with frayed ends used to brush the teeth while the other end was used as a toothpick.
  • First mass produced toothbrush

    First mass produced toothbrush
    William Addis invented what we now know as the modern toothbrush. He attached pig bristles to a specially carved handle made from cow bone.
  • First nylon bristle toothbrush

    First nylon bristle toothbrush
    The first nylon bristle toothbrush made with nylon yarn went on sale
  • The toothbrush was selected as the number one invention Americans could not live without according to the Lemelson-MIT Invention Index.