Timeline of Theo Wagnitz

  • Date of Birth

    Born in Munich
  • Period: to

    Primary School

  • Period: to

    Secondary School

  • Visiting my grand parents in Limone (Italy)

  • Period: to

    Technical apprenticeship as patternmaker

  • Period: to

    Making my A-Levels

  • Period: to

    Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Period: to

    Spokesperson of the student council

    I´m the spokesperson of the student council. It´s my task to represent the students at the LMU Munich.
  • Vacations in Italy

    I want to spend 2 weeks with traveling to the toscana in italy. In this time I want to attend a one week cooking course, which deals with pasta.
  • Period: to

    Bachelor of economical education

    Additionaly to my bachelor in business administration I want to do another bachelor. This will help me to focus on the people side of business and to improve my entrance chances in the field of management consulting.
  • Period: to

    Internship at PwC

    I want to gather first experience in consulting. Considering that I signed a 3 month contract at PwC in the area of public sector consulting.
  • Period: to

    Internship at KPMG

    I want to deepen my basic knowledge in consulting. Therefor I´m now negotiating a 3 month contract with KPMG.
  • Period: to

    Chairman of Wasti e.V.

    As chairman of Wasti e.V. I want to establish our presence as part of the student councils at the other munich universities.
  • Visiting Spain

  • Period: to

    Master of business administration at WU

    To gain more knowledge in the field of business administration, I want to finish my academic career at the best austrian business administration school. The programm I want to attend sends you in three diffrent countries, during two years of studing. This international programm, helps to set a new level for my career.
  • Visiting austrian vineyards

    I want to use the summer in autria to get to know austian wine.
  • Summer-Roadtrip through italy

    I want to visit different cities in italy and eat italien food.
  • Foundation of "FöMF e.V."

    I want to form a club with other Wasti alumnis that supports the student councils of munich.
  • Visiting rome with my fiancée

    Visiting a city I love with the person I love will be nice
  • Period: to

    Entrance at a management consulting company

    I want to get a proper entrance position at a management consulting company. It would be nice, if PwC or KPMG wants to continue the collaboration.
  • Getting married in the toscana

    I want to eat a lot of italien food in a warm, nice summer night befor my wedding, which I celebrate with a lot of friends and my family members
  • Period: to

    Turnover to another consulting firm

    I want to gather more experience in a new consulting company and get a higher position in the new company
  • The club is growing

    100 members are supporting the student councils
  • Birth of my first child

  • Period: to


    After a few years I want to be close to a partner position
  • Birth of my second child

  • Period: to

    Turnover to a new company as a partner

    After a few years in the company it may be time for a change and for me to reach my goal of a partner position in a consulting company.
  • Big family holidays in france

    Getting to knwo france (and french wine) a little bit better with my family around me, sounds like a great experience
  • Expansion of the club

    The club is able s´to support student councils in other cites with money
  • Period: to

    Turnover to the next management consulting company

    After a few years it may be time to change the consulting company again.
  • Period: to

    Turnover to medium sized Company

    After years in consulting it may be time to work in a more continual environment. Probably a "head of X" or a "CXO" Position will fit.
  • Last big family trip around italy

    Before the kids are moving out it will be nice to have a great roundtrip through italy
  • Period: to

    Supervisory Board in midsize-company

    It´s time to learn a bunch of new things in a new task
  • Period: to

    Working half time

    Getting old slowly and it is time to step back a bit and to enjoy more of my free time.
  • Start of attending a Sommelier course

    After tasting a lot of wine in my life, I´m ready to start a sommelier course
  • Starting studying italian culture at LMU

  • Period: to

    Early Pension

    I want to to work only 12-20 hours per week.
  • Period: to


    I want to grow old without anymore of career in my mind. Instead of that I want to give younger people advice and keep intouch with them, so I can stay fit in my mind. Also I would like to say that I lived in three different centuries.
  • Moving into my eldery house in italy