By Lamees
  • Tape 1A

    Hannah is new to the school. She has a crush on a boy named Justin. After finally figuring out a way to hang out with him, it doesn't exactly go as planned. At first, it's everything Hannah thought it would be, a dream come true. But then, he lies about what happened between them, spreads rumors, and makes Hannah seem like a slut. It doesn't seem like much, but like Hannah says, it has a snowball effect.
  • Tape 1B

    Alex used to be Hannah's friend because him, Hannah, and Jessica were all new to the school. Having something they could all relate to, adapting to a new school, they got along. Until Alex decides to create a list called 'hot or not'. He puts Hannah's name on the 'hot' side of the list and that makes her reputation even worse, making the boy believe that touching her like that is completely normal.
  • Tape 2A

    Alex's list had Jessica's name on the 'not' side. This gets her angry and she takes it out on Hannah, most likely because of jealously. Because of what shes heard about Hannah she believes Alex and her had a thing. She punches/scratches Hannah in the face.
  • Tape 2B

    Tyler is a peeping tom and he stood outside of Hannah's window. Hannah can no longer feel safe inside her room.
  • Tape 3A Part 1

    Courtney Crimsen is a girl who puts on an act to make everyone like her. Everyone sees her as a sweet, nice person. But we find out that she only talks to Hannah because she fears Hannah might not like her. She tries to win Hannah over by having chats with her. Then, asks Hannah about the two of them going to a party together but we learn that it was only because she needed a ride. At the party, we find out that Courtney had told people things that weren't true and made Hannah be seen worse.
  • Tape 3A Part 2

    Hannah is mad about this all, so she goes to take a picture next to Courtney to be in the yearbook. Courtney doesn't want this because she only used Hannah for the ride, she doesn't want others to see them together. Hannah leaves the party and tells her to find another ride.
  • Tape 3B

    Marcus and Hannah are to meet at Rosie's. Marcus comes 30 minutes late, and when he does, he touches her inappropriately, This angers Hannah and shows how the rumor from the beginning could lead to so many other things. This is when Hannah's thoughts of suicide crept into her mind.
  • Tape 4A

    After seeing what Marcus does to Hannah, Zack does up to her. He tries to get her attention, but she's too shocked to talk. He feels rejected, and wants revenge. So, in class, Hannah's teacher organized this thing in class where people write down anonymous comments and put them in your bag. The notes are one the only things that keep Hannah going in life but Zack decides to, regularly, steal the notes. To make Hannah feel as if she's not recieving any.
  • Tape 4B

    A boy named Ryan and Hannah seem to be getting along. Until Hannah reads him one of her poems, and he puts it in the 'Lost-N-Found' Gazette. People take the poem,try to discover meanings of it, and make other versions. They laugh at the poem, that revealed so much about Hannah.
  • Tape 5A

    Hannah and Clay meet at a party. Hannah hears good things about him, and wants to see if he's actually as good as people describe him as, since Hannah has learned not to trust what others say about a person. And Clay himself, has feared what he's heard about her, may turn out to be true. Both of them are cautious around each other and never actually get to know one another all because of rumors.
  • Tape 5B

    After spending time with Clay, she stops him and tells him to leave. Justin and Jessica walk in. Hannah hides in the closet and listens to drunk Jessica get raped by another guy. Justin and Hannah don't help to stop this.
  • Tape 6A

    Jenny Kurtz offers Hannah a ride home from the party. She hits a stop sign and causes the death of someone who, the next day, gets into a car accident without the stop sign there. She steps out of Jenny's car and starts walking the rest of her way. Hannah feels responsible for this because she feels she coul've have stopped it somehow.
  • Tape 6B

    Walking home from the party, Bryce is in Courtney's backyard. He calls for Hannah over the fence. At this point, Hannah had decided on how and when she was going to kill herself. She wanted her world to go into the most worst direction possible now, and had given up on hope. She walked over to the hot tub that Bryce and Courtney were in. Bryce could see the tears she holds back, but he touches her inappropriately. And Hannah lets him. She closes her eyes, in pain, but doesn't refuse or object.
  • Tape 7A

    Hannah's looking for one last thing to change her mind about suicide. She goes to ask her teacher, Mr.Porter. They have a chat but by the end, Mr.Porter loses her. He tells her to consider moving on, and Hannah stands up to leave. She walks out of the room, and the teacher doesn't follow. After knowing what she'd been planning to do, he lets her go.
  • After the Tapes

    Clay sees Skye at school and notices a comparison between Hannah and her. Clay let Hannah go, but now he could help someone and not have to bear the guilt of letting go of Hannah. He couldn't help her, but he could now help Skye. He could make up for what he did wrong.