The American revolution

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  • The sugar act

    The sugar act
    The first British tax imposed on the American colonies to support Britain’s mercantilist policy.
  • The stamp act

    The stamp act
    King George the III become not so popular in America because with every new tax levied. “ No taxation without representation!” was always a consistent battle cry for American politicians.
  • Continental Congress

    Continental Congress
    The British parliament passed a series of laws collectively known as the intolerable acts, with the intent to suppress unreast in colonial Boston by closing the port and placing it under martial law.
  • July 4

    July 4
    Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence
  • The battle of Saratoga

    The battle of Saratoga
    Colonists defeat Burgoyne’s British troops. The Turing point in the war. Seeing the victory, France, the Netherlands, Spain enter the war on the side of the Americans.
  • The battle of Yorktown

    The battle of Yorktown
    American and French trap cornwalls’s army at Yorktown
  • The treaty of Paris

    The treaty of Paris
    It ended the American revolution. Benjamin Franklin was chief negotiator. Territory much larger than thirteen colonies was also acquired.
  • The constitution

    The constitution
    The constitution of the United States established America national government and fundamental laws, and guaranteed cartons basic rights for it’s citizens it was signed on September 17, 1787